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Discover the growth that’s possible when we understand our authentic selves as God intended by exploring more deeply the Enneagram tool, paired with profound scriptural insights.Self to Lose Self to Find PDF

“This book is a gem. It’s one of the top five books I recommend on the Enneagram.”—Ian Morgan Cron, author of The Road Back to You

“An accessible, biblical and practical roadmap for anyone who wants to live fully into their true, authentic, God-given identity. I highly recommend it!”—Brenda Salter McNeil, author of Becoming Brave

The Enneagram—a system of nine interconnected personality types—has been developed over many years to offer opportunities for personal development and provide a foundation for understanding others.

Now a certified Enneagram coach shows how a scriptural perspective can lead us to a path of freedom. In Self to Lose, Self to Find, Marilyn Vancil unpacks our human dilemma, sets the scriptural foundation, explores the nine Enneagram personalities, and shows us practical ways to have a more meaningful life and healthier relationships. At its best, the Enneagram doesn’t merely describe who we are, but shows us why we do what we do. It invites us to see the innate gifts and inclinations of our original design—the person we were before trials and traumas began to shape us. It also reveals the strategies and false narratives that keep us from becoming who we’re truly meant to be.

Vancil offers a compelling biblical case for the Enneagram by drawing from John 12:24, which describes how we, like seeds, construct a protective coat that helps us survive in a world where we  encounter challenges and insecurities. But for us to truly live a fruitful life, we must allow the protective coat to soften and fall away in order to grow.

This is what sets Vancil apart as both a seasoned Enneagram expert and a spiritual director: Within a scriptural context, she demonstrates how the Enneagram can be a vehicle for growth and transformation by laying out the realities of each Enneagram type, affirming the inherent genius of each type, showcasing the unhealthy tendencies of each type’s false self, and illuminating the undeniable path to freedom for each one.

Combining rich biblical wisdom with Enneagram wisdom and real-life experiences, this compelling resource is a must for anyone who longs for a happier, freer life.

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Description of Self to Lose Self to Find PDF

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The Authors

Self to Lose Self to Find PDF

Marilyn Vancil is a certified Enneagram Professional in the Narrative Tradition through Enneagram Worldwide, a certified spiritual director, and a trained life coach through Coach Training Alliance. She has also completed coursework on the Enneagram at Loyola University and the Deep Coaching Institute. Vancil facilitates workshops and retreats on the Enneagram, focusing on how it can be used to deepen one’s life with God and improve relationships. She lives in Seattle with her husband, Jeff. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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Top reviews

John Fooshee
 Enneagram Complete with God’s Love

January 19, 2018

We run a Christian coaching practice where we assess and train people in spiritual practices. We pass out this book all the time because it’s the best treatment of the Enneagram from a biblical worldview. That’s important because most Enneagram resources treat self-awareness as the “good news.” While that is helpful, this tool only reveals a person’s unique pathway for growth. Marilyn completes what the Enneagram starts by showing us how a self-awareness that’s rooted in an identity in Christ’s love empowers us down our road of transformation. Five stars!
 Informative, inspirational and practical!

September 1, 2020

As a spiritual director, people I meet with often ask me to recommend books on the Enneagram, and Marilyn’s is one of the best I have to offer.
For Christians who don’t always see the Enneagram’s connection to biblical principals, Marilyn helps connect the insights of the Enneagram with the deep invitation to wholeness found in Jesus.A few things I love about this book:
While many authors name the nine Enneagram types based on their false or adaptive self, Marilyn chooses to call out the specific way each type reflects God. For instance, the Type One, or what is usually called The Perfectionist, is called A Reflection of God’s Goodness and Righteousness. This helps us root in the hope and promise of being made in the image of God, even while the Enneagram invites us to examine the ways we are bound by our adaptive self.

Second, Marilyn includes beautiful prayers written in the voice of each type and words of affirmation from God written specifically to each type. I have used these in spiritual direction sessions and found them to be powerful in helping people unlock what they most need to hear from and say to God.

Finally, while many Enneagram books give you a lot to think about, Marilyn’s book goes beyond that in offering “OWN-UP”, a practical tool Marilyn created that invites reflection and helps you identify when and how your adaptive self is holding you back from freedom and peace.

I highly recommend this book to those interested in a biblical foundation for the Enneagram, and as a helpful tool for those shepherding others towards healing and wholeness in Christ.

Betsy Ellingson
 This book is helpful to understand oneself and others more completely.

September 17, 2020

As a person who majored in Elementary Education and Child Family Studies, I have always been interested in personalities and the psychology of behavior. It was a natural for me to pick up one more tool for understanding the human psyche. Marilyn‘s book “Self to Lose-Self to Find” was perfect for me, in that I could use it to focus in on individual strengths and weaknesses of the personality with the added help of a Biblical Application. “Self to Lose-Self to Find” goes further to explore the potential of a “redeemed self”, and helps me to better understand myself and others through a lens of redemption. In other words, we know better how to deal with the weaknesses and strengths and where to focus our energy in a positive way, to encourage others and ourselves in the strengths of our God-given nature.
I enthusiastically recommended Marilyn’s book to many friends just after her first edition was released, and even invited Marilyn to teach the 9 Enneagram types in a workshop setting for all who were interested. It was very well received. I purchased books for my daughters and recently one of them requested that for her 40th birthday retreat- those of us coming would review our types in Marilyn’s book and have a discussion. We used that time to validate one another in our own types and it was a very moving time for us all. I highly recommend this book. ~Betsy
Constance Bovier
 At Last, A Basic Enneagram Resource for Christians

October 8, 2017

I have long sought a good book about the Enneagram that I could feel comfortable using as the text for a class at my church. This is it! Thanks to this wise author for taking the time and effort to relate the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram to core messages of Jesus. I am aware of several helpful, but highly academic, books that link the Enneagram with Christianity; they are not, however, easily comprehendible for beginners. This book, which is written in a readable, personable style, has much to offer individuals and groups who are open to self-reflection and to exploring the transformative possibilities in the intersection between personality and spirituality.
 A Thoughtful Walk through the Enneagram Types

May 11, 2019

I had heard SO much about Enneagram that it was time to do some reading about it! Someone had recommended this book to me, and I wasn’t disappointed. I feel I have a better understanding of this topic and have even done some self-exploration that has been helpful.
Erin Schwab
 My Favorite Enneagram Book

September 1, 2020

As a Christian desiring to grow and become more Christ-like, this book provides me clear direction for moving away from fleshly living into Spirit-living. The biblical call to “putting off the old man and putting on the new man” became more accessible to me. Marilyn Vancil helps me see that I can be aware of my old patterns of living and move toward more Christ-like living. This book is full of biblical wisdom and references. I love her practical OWN UP process that walks me through the path to freedom. And I love that she shares her own struggle and allows me to peek into her journal on her own path toward freedom.
Jeramy Williams
 This is more than just a personality test, it is an invitation to a fuller life.

May 18, 2017

Marilyn has studied the Enneagram for more than 25 years, and it shows. This book will give you fresh, practical, and usable language to lead you toward a transformational journey of becoming more like Jesus. This is a great tool in helping you and your team become more self aware in a self obsessed culture. It uncovers blindspots with honesty, grace, and truth. This is more than just another personality test, it is an invitation to a fuller life. After you read it, buy a copy for someone you care about.
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