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How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends PDF

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Now revised and updated for the digital era, the classic bestseller How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends has helped hundreds of thousands of people communicate with wit, confidence, and enthusiasm for more than a generation.How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends PDF

Small-talk expert Don Gabor has completely revised and updated this definitive guide, showing how to combine essential techniques in the art of conversation with necessary skills for communicating in the twenty-first century. By following the simple and dynamic guidelines in this easy-to-read book, you’ll be ready to strike up a great conversation anytime, anywhere—whether you’re at a cocktail party or chatting online. Learn how to keep the conversation going by asking the right questions, using body language effectively, and avoiding conversation pitfalls. Combining his tried-and-true methods with a whole new section on communicating online and through social networking, Don Gabor shows you how to:

· Identify your personal conversation style
· Engage in online conversations using proper etiquette and security
· Turn online conversations into face-to-face relationships
· Boost your personal and professional speaking skills to the next level

Packed with charts, hundreds of opening lines, real-life examples, FAQs, helpful hints, and solid professional advice, How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends will help you connect with others at home, work, online, in person, and everywhere in between.

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The Authors

How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends PDF

Don Gabor is a small-talk expert, communications trainer, and the author of ten self-help books and audio programs. He is a frequent media guest and the 2010–2011 president of the New York City chapter of the National Speakers Association. Visit him at –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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Top reviews

 Great For People Scared To Start a Conversation

June 6, 2017

Don Gabor is one of my favorite authors for learning how to communicate with friends or family. Sometimes it is hard for a person with aspergers like me to communicate with people that I know even. How To Start a Conversation and Make Friends was a very accurate representation of how to start a conversation and maintain it.

My favorite thing about the book is that there was many conversation examples between him and other people which illustrated the communication skills that I have learned to this point from other authors such as Meryl Runion. I like books that have dialogue because it is much easier to learn communication from active dialogue as opposed to only reading tips and tricks about how to do so. I highly recommend this book.

S. Peek
 A Worthwhile Book On Communications

July 2, 2016

This book contains several good tips for improving communications. A lot of the information contained in it is also in other books. One concept that the author addresses that is a bit different is something that he calls ‘free information,’ which are things that others reveal without any effort on the listener’s part. He has some interesting and valuable thoughts on that.

Another area that the author discusses is online presence. That section may have some value for those who are into a lot of online activities. Overall, I think it is likely a valuable book for those who struggle in the area of conversation. I mainly bought it for a relative who struggles with shyness, but I read it first to check it out.

It contains tips in several areas such as eye contact, body language, facial expressions, and active listening.

I recommend it for those who struggle with initiating conversations with others. It is probably a worthwhile read even for those who are already skillful in the communications area.

Susan L.
 Great Help for an Introvert

September 8, 2016

I am an introvert and have trouble with small talk so I desperately needed some help in this area. This book was just the thing I needed. I used it to make flash cards of some conversation starters and extenders that I will memorize and plan to use.
 This is the best book of its type – and I’ve read them all!

August 20, 2008

I am surprised by some of the reviews suggesting that this book is not very good. I have read at least ten books of this type and this one is by far the best. Don’t be deceived by its simplicity and easy to read form: it contains a lot of information including many important subtleties that other books lack, including many books twice as long. The book does exactly what it says in the title: it takes the reader through the process of how to start conversations and make friends. It doesn’t make blanket statements like other books do, that in the real world could be disastrous. He explains, in simple but true and useful terms, how conversations start, why some ways of starting a conversation are more risky than others, how to continue a conversation, and so on. The one useful tip that I got from another book rather than this one was the idea of preparing a pithy, witty introductory statement about yourself. (That was from  How to Work a Room, Revised Edition: Your Essential Guide to Savvy Socializing ) How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends  is thoughtful, gentle, and actually teaches you step-by-step how to do what it says in the title. Highly recommended.
Edward J. Vasicek
 Great Primer Book for Conversation and Friendship

February 21, 2003

I am a pastor who has a gift of gab and a number of friends, some of them close. My sister (who is the ultimate friendly person) and I were raised by parents who knew how to converse well, so we picked up these skills in a natural setting. We are both real schmoozers. My wife is also highly relational. So, unlike many self-help book reviewers, I am reviewing from a different perspective: I did not read this book for personal growth reasons (I do read books on other subjects to address my weak spots, however), but to try to help instruct others who struggle here.
For many years, I have dealt with folks who wanted to learn to converse and make friends. When one is brought up with those skills, it becomes difficult to enumerate exactly what it is we talkers do. When I read, “How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends,” I said to myself, “Yep. This is a lot of what we (and many other people strong in this area) do.” Gabor has organized and put into outline form the most basic principles of conversation and friendship initiation. And that is a whole lot more helpful than saying, “I don’t know. We just do it. How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends PDF
Gabor also allows for differing personalities and relational styles. Although we may have to leave our comfort zone (in time, change becomes comfortable), we need to be who we are and converse with others based upon who they are.
Please understand that this book is limited in its scope. It can help people initiate friendships, but it does not direct one toward relational depth. This book can help folks make a number of casual friends but not necessarily close friends. For deeper communication, I suggest William Backus’ book, “Telling Each Other the Truth,” a volume that addresses matters like conflict resolution, honesty, etc. Gabor’s book is not really intended to guide you into relational depth. It does a great job for its intent: helping you chat better and initiate the early stages of friendship. For some folks, their instincts may kick in at that point. Others will need to study further.
The other limitation of this book (and there is no way to avoid it) is that the directives can be overwhelming because of their sheer volume. My advice is to choose a few areas to work on. Once those practices are incorporated and become second nature, then it is time to add a few more. In a sense, the book is arranged in order of importance, with the early chapters being the most crucial to master. I recommend starting at the beginning.
In addition to Gabor’s insights, I suggest hanging around and imitating those who seem to have it together in these departments. There is nothing quite like seeing conversation in action and then telling oneself to “go and do likewise.” It may seem awkward at first, but, in time, it can become second nature. Some folks (who have difficulty choosing the right words) might even consider practicing a conversation in an empty room, almost How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends PDF memorizing a script.
On quotable section reads, “Most shy people take the passive role when it comes to starting conversation. They wait and wait and wait, hoping someone will come along and start a conversation with them…”
He emphasizes that communication consists mostly of body language, then tone or voice, and, lastly, words.
Here is some simplistic but crucial advice, “Use plenty of eye contact, smile, and, above all, keep your arms uncrossed and your hands away from your face.”
The book consists of 15 chapters divided into 4 sections. The sections are: Starting Your Conversation with Confidence. Continuing Your Conversation with Wit and Charm, Ending Your Conversation with a Great Impression, and Boosting Your Conversation to the Next Level.
The last chapter lists his 50 main points, some of which include, “Be the first to say hello, Introduce yourself to others, Show others you are listening by restating their comments, and Beware of open and closed body language.”
This book is not rocket science (though filled with details), but it is a good place to start. Although I consider myself strong in the conversation department, I admit that I did pick up a pointer or two. Go for it.
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