Broken Hearts The Tangled History of Cardiac Care PDF Free Download

Broken Hearts The Tangled History of Cardiac Care PDF

Features of Broken Hearts The Tangled History of Cardiac Care PDF

Still the leading cause of death worldwide, heart disease challenges researchers, clinicians, and patients alike. Each day, thousands of patients and their doctors make decisions about coronary angioplasty and bypass surgery. In Broken Hearts David S. Jones sheds light on the nature and quality of those decisions. He describes the debates over what causes heart attacks and the efforts to understand such unforeseen complications of cardiac surgery as depression, mental fog, and stroke.Broken Hearts The Tangled History of Cardiac Care PDF

Why do doctors and patients overestimate the effectiveness and underestimate the dangers of medical interventions, especially when doing so may lead to the overuse of medical therapies? To answer this question, Jones explores the history of cardiology and cardiac surgery in the United States and probes the ambiguities and inconsistencies in medical decision making. Based on extensive reviews of medical literature and archives, this historical perspective on medical decision making and risk highlights personal, professional, and community outcomes.

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Description of Broken Hearts The Tangled History of Cardiac Care PDF

Health, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, medicine, surgery, and nursing textbooks will likely be at your side throughout your medical studies, and you’ll be reading through countless scientific papers, but you might want to read something beforehand that gives you insight into the world of medicine in practice – whether that’s research, at the clinic or in the operating room.  The most featured and reviewed on book Broken Hearts The Tangled History of Cardiac Care PDF is available for grabs now here on our website free for students and professionals sole purpose of teaching and education. It has been boasted and proven with thousands of user reviews that it has all the information to make you one of the highly qualified professionals in the world of medicine and its branches. Without a doubt a masterpiece for those who aspire to be doctors or heal those they find in ailment. It is a must read again and again for everyone that can get their hands on this limited edition book.

The Authors

David S. Jones is the A. Bernard Ackerman Professor of the Culture of Medicine at Harvard University.

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Top reviews

P. Friel
 Great information on the evolving understanding of heart attacks

November 18, 2015

I learned a great deal about our evolving understanding of heart attacks from this book. It is well written and well documented. The vested interests in cardiology and industry are explained very well. This book gives a very different explanation of heart attacks than the compelling documentary The Widowmaker, which is narrated by Gillian Anderson, which swayed me mightily. Broken Hearts definitely changed my opinion.
Eric Wolff
 OK, but I hoped for more

August 27, 2013

I purchased this book when I heard that my dad was going to have angioplasty and then he wound up having bypass. I found the history of the procedures very interesting, and I thought the book had some good critiques of the culture surrounding the procedures, both on the medical side and on the patient side. But ultimately the book trails off on social science tangents and vague assertions of discrimination and whatnot that were far afield from assessing whether angioplasty and bypass are a bright idea for anyone. Also, I was disappointed that there wasn’t more discussion of the changes in conventional wisdom about why people have heart disease. In particular, some discussion of how America went overboard on low-fat diets and narrow fixation on LDL cholesterol. Given the discussion of statins in the book, I thought there might be a critical appraisal of those issues, but there was not.

Could have been an awesome book on an important topic. It isn’t. It is a good book on the history of angioplasty and bypass that will help some folks think critically about the procedures.

 a brilliant, profound patient centered physician has written about this …

August 19, 2014

An invaluable contribution to healthcare in American. David Jones shares information that illustrate aggressive cardiology interventions such as angiograms, angioplasties, and coronary by-pass surgery are overdone and frequently harmful. He takes a historical approach in an attempt to understand this ugly chapter in American medicine. His writing is interesting and illuminating, if a bit long winded. In trying to understand why these procedures are practiced in light of evidence to the contrary, he probes the human psyche and presents several insights. His topic is of critical importance but rarely discussed. The juggernaut of the health care industry rolls along, crushing any opposition in its path. Perhaps that is why he is so diplomatic in his treatise. Dr. Nortin Hadler, a brilliant, profound patient centered physician has written about this cardiology debacle for decades, and is not so timid in reprimanding the physician involvement that drives this sad practice. A must read
Kenneth E. MacWilliams

February 27, 2013

WHAT IS MY CONNECTION TO THIS BOOK — “BROKEN HEARTS: The Tangled History of Cardiac Care” by David S. Jones, MD, PhD, the A. Bernard Ackerman Professor of the Culture of Medicine at Harvard Medical School? Especially given the title I have selected for this review, I should make clear that I have not been asked by anyone to write this review. Neither have I communicated with anyone about it, nor do I know the author or anyone who knows him. I write this review solely because I hope to persuade as many people as possible to read this exceptionally well researched, beautifully written, and ever so timely and important book.
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