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What Happened to You By Oprah Winfrey PDF-“[Oprah Winfrey and Bruce D. Perry] are both capable, likable narrators who are sincerely engaged with their subject matter…The performances of these two humanitarians make this a must-hear for anyone recovering from their traumatic past.” (AudioFile Magazine)

This program is read by the authors.

Our earliest experiences shape our lives far down the road, and What Happened to You? provides powerful scientific and emotional insights into the behavioral patterns so many of us struggle to understand.

“Through this lens we can build a renewed sense of personal self-worth and ultimately recalibrate our responses to circumstances, situations, and relationships. It is, in other words, the key to reshaping our very lives.” (Oprah Winfrey)

This audiobook is going to change the way you see your life.

Have you ever wondered “Why did I do that?” or “Why can’t I just control my behavior?” Others may judge our reactions and think, “What’s wrong with that person?” When questioning our emotions, it’s easy to place the blame on ourselves; holding ourselves and those around us to an impossible standard. It’s time we started asking a different question.

Through deeply personal conversations, Oprah Winfrey and renowned brain and trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry offer a groundbreaking and profound shift from asking “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”

Here, Winfrey shares stories from her own past, understanding through experience the vulnerability that comes from facing trauma and adversity at a young age. In conversation throughout the audiobook, she and Dr. Perry focus on understanding people, behavior, and ourselves. It’s a subtle but profound shift in our approach to trauma, and it’s one that allows us to understand our pasts in order to clear a path to our future – opening the door to resilience and healing in a proven, powerful way.

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What Happened to You By Oprah Winfrey PDF is one of the best medical books for students and professionals on the subject of health and fitness. It is a must download.

The Authors

What Happened to You By Oprah Winfrey PDF

Through the power of media, Oprah Winfrey has created an unparalleled connection with people around the world. As host and supervising producer of the top-rated, award-winning The Oprah Winfrey Show, she entertained, enlightened, and uplifted millions of viewers for twenty-five years

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  • Listening Length 8 hours and 27 minutes
    Author Oprah Winfrey, Bruce D. Perry
    Narrator Oprah Winfrey, Bruce D. Perry
    Whispersync for Voice Ready
    Audible.com Release Date April 27, 2021
    Publisher Macmillan Audio
    Program Type Audiobook
    Version Unabridged
    Language English
    Identification Number B08PW4Q284
  • Book Name :What Happened to You? PDF

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Top reviews

I loved the conversational style. This book gave me greater compassion for the kid I was and all that I was trying to manage and endure in the environment I came from. It also helped me experience some moments with caregivers differently. Even as a child, I knew that their reactions and behaviors came from things that happened to them before I was born. But it still hurt and affected me. Partly feeling like they should still have been responding to me differently because I was an affectionate, curious, playful, joyful, and compassionate child. But now I see no human child would have gotten out of that environment unscathed.

It also helped me see that just because I know their trauma affected their behaviors, doesn’t mean something is wrong with me for how deeply their neglect and abusive behaviors of me affected me. Thank you for acknowledging how things like fear, or racism, or these things, get passed down and affect the victims of it. And for acknowledging that NO children do not just get over it. The younger they are (including infant) the greater the impact. And that staying with an abusive partner in the childhood years “for the kids” is not actually what’s best for the kids.

Also I loved the blue font. And found it comforting. And found it delineated the conversations nicely.”

C “In this book Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Bruce D. Perry analyze the effects of trauma on the the developing brain, and discuss both the emotional and biological changes and adaptations that this trauma creates. Dr. Perry has a background in neuroscience and psychiatry, and uses this interdisciplinary knowledge to explain how trauma, especially trauma experienced in childhood, can profoundly affect our lives.

The book alternates between sections written by Oprah, as she recalls events from her life, and Dr. Perry, as he uses examples and stories from his practice to explain concepts about the brain’s response to trauma. Oprah’s sections are written in blue, while Dr. Perry’s are written in black, to easily distinguish the two. There are sections at the beginning of each chapter where either Oprah or Dr. Perry will recount events that happened in their lives and discuss the effects of trauma. Most of the rest of the chapter is then written in more of a conversational tone; as Perry and Oprah go back and forth in a way that feels more like a discussion on Oprah’s show.

In the first chapter of the book there is a diagram that I found very helpful that depicts the ‘Hierarchical Organization of the Human Brain’. This diagram is referenced many times throughout the book, and is a key to understanding the effects of trauma. Dr. Perry explains that traumatic experiences are first registered in the lowest levels of this hierarchical structure, so that certain situations that are similar in some way to a traumatic situation of the past, still trigger the same physiological responses even before our cortex can analyze these situations.

Oprah and Dr. Perry do a great job of using examples of patients or guests that experienced trauma, and explaining the underlying biological responses that have shaped their behaviors later in life. In the chapter on self regulation and balance, Dr. Perry explains the processes involved in the body’s core regulatory networks, and the body’s response to stress activation. Dr. Perry discusses drug addiction and how people use artificial means to attempt to restore some sense of balance. There is another chapter that discusses love, and the effects of growing up in an environment where you do not feel cared for. Later chapters focus on identifying trauma, and the eventual healing process.

This book can be helpful for a wide range of people. Obviously if you have experienced trauma, especially early in life, this book can help explain what adaptations your brain went through and how this affects your perspectives on situations later in life. Perhaps equally important though, is the ability to prevent trauma-related issues in future generations by using these insights to guide your parenting behaviors and decisions. For me, reading about the long-lasting effects of certain childhood experiences has made me even more vigilant as a parent; and more focused on the less-obvious ways that my children might be absorbing information.

I enjoyed reading this book, and it contains so much information that I will likely go back and reread later, as I try to make sure to create the healthiest environment for my children.”

Maite UK “This wonderful book opened up a way to hope for me. It helped me understand myself more clearly. I always thought that if you really want something and if you toughened up you could get it. I’ve been stuck in the same patterns for years and thought that was my fault, I had to toughened up more. I would fail again and again and thought something was wrong with me. “What happened to me” helped me understand what happened to me and why I was functioning this way. This book gave me the understanding I needed to start healing and understand, okay this pattern is here because of what happened to me and I can change it by caring deeply for myself with no judgments and drop all the harshness I use to attach to getting out of patterns and getting better. My work to healing and getting better starts here. Thank you for this book.”



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What Happened to You By Oprah Winfrey PDF

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