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Understanding Food 6th Edition PDF

Description of Understanding Food 6th Edition PDF

Understanding Food 6th Edition PDF: PRINCIPLES AND PREPARATION is ideal for an undergraduate course that covers the basic elements of food preparation, food service and food science. Contemporary and comprehensive in coverage, this best-selling food fundamentals text thoroughly explores the science of food through core material on food selection and evaluation, food safety and food chemistry. The sixth edition discusses classification, composition, selection, purchasing and storage for a range of traditional food items, and explores the various aspects of food service, including meal planning, basic food preparation, equipment, food preservation and government regulations. A new rich illustration and full-color photo program and unique pedagogical features make the information easily understandable and interesting to students.

Table of Contents:-

  1. Brief Contents
  2. Contents
  3. Preface
  4. About the Author
  5. Part I: Food Science and Nutrition
  6. Chapter 1: Food Selection
  7. Sensory Criteria
  8. Nutritional Criteria
  9. Cultural Criteria
  10. Religious Criteria
  11. Psychological and Sociological Criteria
  12. Budgetary Criteria
  13. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  14. Chapter 2: Food Evaluation
  15. Sensory (Subjective) Evaluation
  16. Objective Evaluation
  17. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  18. Chapter 3: Chemistry of Food Composition
  19. Basic Food Chemistry: The Six Key Atoms (CHNOPS)
  20. Water
  21. Carbohydrates
  22. Lipids (Fats)
  23. Proteins
  24. Vitamins and Minerals
  25. Nonnutritive Food Components
  26. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  27. Part II: Food Service
  28. Chapter 4: Food Safety
  29. What Is a Foodborne Illness?
  30. Biological Hazards-Living Culprits
  31. Bacterial Food Infections
  32. Bacterial Food Intoxications
  33. Bacterial Toxin-Mediated Infections
  34. Chemical Hazards-Harmful Chemicals in Food
  35. Physical Hazards-Objects in Food
  36. Food Allergy, Intolerance, and Sensitivity
  37. Preventing Foodborne Illness
  38. Proper Use of Thermometers
  39. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  40. Chapter 5: Food Preparation Basics
  41. Heating Foods
  42. Types of Moist-Heat Preparation
  43. Types of Dry-Heat Preparation
  44. Types of Heat Transfer
  45. Measuring Heat
  46. Cutlery Techniques
  47. Measuring Ingredients
  48. Mixing Techniques
  49. Seasonings and Flavorings
  50. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  51. Chapter 6: Meal Management
  52. Food-Service Organization
  53. Types of Meal Planning
  54. Purchasing
  55. Time Management
  56. Types of Meal Service
  57. Table Settings
  58. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  59. Part III: Foods
  60. Chapter 7: Meat
  61. Types of Meats
  62. Composition of Meats
  63. Purchasing Meats
  64. Preparation of Meats
  65. Storage of Meats
  66. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  67. Chapter 8: Poultry
  68. Classification of Poultry
  69. Composition of Poultry
  70. Purchasing Poultry
  71. Preparation of Poultry
  72. Storage of Poultry
  73. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  74. Chapter 9: Fish and Shellfish
  75. Classification of Fish and Shellfish
  76. Composition of Fish
  77. Purchasing Fish and Shellfish
  78. Preparation of Fish and Shellfish
  79. Storage of Fish and Shellfish
  80. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  81. Chapter 10: Milk
  82. Functions of Milk in Foods
  83. Composition of Milk
  84. Purchasing Milk
  85. Types of Milk
  86. Milk Products in Food Preparation
  87. Storage of Milk Products
  88. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  89. Chapter 11: Cheese
  90. Classification of Cheeses
  91. Cheese Production
  92. Purchasing Cheese
  93. Food Preparation with Cheese
  94. Storage of Cheese
  95. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  96. Chapter 12: Eggs
  97. Composition of Eggs
  98. Purchasing Eggs
  99. Types of Eggs
  100. Functions of Eggs in Foods
  101. Preparation of Eggs
  102. Storage of Eggs
  103. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  104. Chapter 13: Vegetables and Legumes
  105. Classification of Vegetables
  106. Composition of Vegetables
  107. Purchasing Vegetables
  108. Legumes
  109. Preparation of Vegetables
  110. Storage of Vegetables
  111. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  112. Chapter 14: Fruits
  113. Classification of Fruits
  114. Composition of Fruits
  115. Purchasing Fruits
  116. Preparation of Fruits
  117. Storage of Fruits
  118. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  119. Chapter 15: Soups, Salads, and Gelatins
  120. Soups
  121. Salads
  122. Gelatins
  123. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  124. Chapter 16: Cereal Grains and Pastas
  125. Composition of Cereal Grains
  126. Uses of Cereal Grains
  127. General Types of Cereal Grains
  128. Cereal Grains Containing Gluten
  129. Gluten-Free Cereal Grains
  130. Preparation of Cereal Grains
  131. Storage of Cereal Grains
  132. Pastas
  133. Preparation of Pasta
  134. Storage of Pasta
  135. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  136. Chapter 17: Flours and Flour Mixtures
  137. Flours
  138. Flour Mixture Ingredients
  139. Preparation of Baked Goods
  140. Storage of Flour and Flour Mixtures
  141. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  142. Chapter 18: Starches and Sauces
  143. Starch Characteristics
  144. Starch Transformations
  145. Sauces
  146. Storage of Starches and Sauces
  147. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  148. Chapter 19: Quick Breads
  149. Preparation of Quick Breads
  150. Varieties of Quick Breads
  151. Chapter Review and Exam Prep
  152. Chapter 20: Yeast Breads
  153. Preparation of Yeast Breads
  154. Types of Yeast Breads
  155. Storage of Yeast Breads
  156. Chapter Review and Exam Prep

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The Authors

Amy Christine Brown received her PhD from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1986 in the field of Human Nutrition and Foods. She has been a college professor and a registered dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics since 1986. Dr. Brown currently teaches at the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine in the Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Her research interests are in the area of bioactive plant substances beneficial to health and medical nutrition therapy. Some of the studies she has conducted include “Diet and Crohn’s disease,” “Potentially harmful herbal supplements,” “Kava beverage consumption and the effect on liver function tests,” and “The effectiveness of kukui nut oil in treating psoriasis.” Selected research journal publications include: “Position of the American Dietetic Association: functional foods” (“Journal of the American Dietetic Association” ); “The Hawaii Diet: Ad libitum high carbohydrate, low fat multi-cultural diet for the reduction of chronic disease risk factors” (“Hawaii Medical Journal”); “Lupus erythematosus and nutrition: A review” (“Journal of Renal Nutrition”); “Dietary survey of Hopi elementary school students” (“Journal of the American Dietetic Association”); “Serum cholesterol levels of nondiabetic and streptozotocin-diabetic rats” (“Artery”); “Infant feeding practices of migrant farm laborers in northern Colorado” (“Journal of the American Dietetic Association”); “Body mass index and perceived weight status in young adults” (“Journal of Community Health”); “Dietary intake and body composition of Mike Pigg�1988 Triathlete of the Year” (“Clinical Sports Medicine”); and numerous newspaper nutrition columns.

Dimensions and Characters of Understanding Food 6th Edition PDF

    • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Cengage Learning; 6th edition (January 1, 2018)
    • Language ‏ : ‎ English
    • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 704 pages
    • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 1337557560
    • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1337557566
    • Lexile measure ‏ : ‎ 1290L
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Top reviews


December 2, 2020

I did a rental, came fast. Some unnoticeable highlights.

The book material is all you want o learn about food; quality, cooking, storage, presentation, it covers a lot.
Itemized food; meats, vegetables, flour, fruits, milk, etc.

Layon Chambers

September 20, 2018

Need it for RD class.

April 20, 2021

As a professional chef who decided to become an RDN, this book is basic “housewife” or Introduction to Food Preparation levels – and contains a LOT of misinformation. It would be writing a novel to list everything wrong, so here are 3 just from chapter 18:
1) NEVER mix water and chocolate together unless you like dealing with a seized mess
2) Never add flour to something just before serving
3) If it’s rancid you throw it out. Period. You don’t even try to fix it

There are much better texts out there from actual chefs who are also RDNs, and even the books by the CIA are written better. Just because you’re a RD or RDN doesn’t mean you know how to cook. Brown proves this.


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