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The Man Burned by Winter PDF-An investigative journalist on the edge. A serial killer testing his limits. What they have in common can freeze the blood.

Still reeling from a personal tragedy, investigative journalist Rooker Lindström finds a grim hideaway from the world. It’s the dilapidated cabin on Minnesota’s Deer Lake bequeathed to him by his late father—one of the most notorious serial killers in the state. If the walls of this murder house could talk, they’d scream.

Detective Tess Harlow needs something from Rooker only he can provide: a window into the mind of a murderer. A copycat is on the prowl, following in the footsteps of Rooker’s father. After reluctantly agreeing to take on the role of consultant, Rooker makes a chilling discovery. Every victim—five and counting—is a depraved taunt meant only for him. Rooker is not just tracking a killer playing sick games. In this brutal Minnesota winter, Rooker is confronting his past.

Maybe working with Tess is Rooker’s last chance at redemption. But to outrun his father’s legacy, he must follow a darker path still to come.

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The Writers

Pete Zacharias received a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing. He is a lover of Nordic noir, dark thrillers, and anything spy, and credits Michael Connelly’s The Poet as the novel that inspired him to become a writer. The Man Burned by Winter is Pete’s first novel.

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Reviews From Customers

C “This debut thriller from Pete Zacharias is divided into three parts, with 48 chapters, and a total of about 324 pages.

The story focuses on two main characters: journalist Rooker Lindstrom and Detective Tess Harlow. Rooker is the son of a notorious serial killer, and Tess eventually convinces him to help her find a new copycat killer that seems to be mimicking the murders committed by Rooker’s late father.

The book starts out with a pretty gruesome Prologue, as we see one of the brutal murders from the perspective of the killer. This unsettling introduction gives us a brief glimpse into the killer’s mind; and then the story switches back and forth between the perspectives of Rooker and Tess as the chapters go on. After the initial action in the first few pages, the pacing really slows down as more of Rooker’s backstory is revealed. Rooker is a broken man; haunted by not only by the actions of his deranged father, but also by the memory of his own son, who was also killed. Rooker still hears his late son’s voice at times, and throwing himself into helping solve this new case serves as a distraction from his grief and sorrow.

Overall I thought that this was a pretty good thriller, especially for a debut. The pacing in the middle was fairly slow, and at times I felt a little bored as I wanted a bit more action. I can understand why the author spent so much time building up Rooker’s history though, as this appears to be the first book in a series, and I suppose it makes sense to spend time on character development if this is going to be the protagonist in several books. The reveal toward the end was pretty good, but not mind-blowing. There were some cleverly placed details that make more sense after you get to the end. There is also an encounter at the very end that leaves room for sequels to build on. So all in all, a pretty decent book, and I would be willing to read the next one in the series. Hopefully the next one will be a bit shorter though, or at least have less filler in the middle now that Rooker’s background has already been explained.”

stretch “This is such unbelievably awful crap. The plot is a guy, raised by a psychopathic father who turns out to be serial killer, later has a son who is killed by another, different serial killer, then tracks this serial killer down, then gets involved tracking yet a third serial killer, who knows all the details of first two killers. Uh huh, sure, that’s completely realistic and believable. As much as the prisoner in a super max prison who acquires a cell phone, but hides it by carving a hole in the poured concrete wall with his bare hands. Or that it rains in Minnesota in mid January. Or that the culprit can sneak both himself and his brother out of a house that is 3 hours away and under close observation. Or that this guy can live in a cabin in winter in Minnesota which leaks water into buckets. This novel is so stupid it is offensive.”

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