The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF Free Download

The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF

Features of The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF

The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF-The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning is a safe, practical, step-by-step resource to preserve the low-acid foods that you love.

From soups and stews, to meals-in-a-jar, to kitchen staples like broths and beans, pressure canning is a time-honored craft that allows you to safely and affordably preserve the food your family loves to eat.

Written by The Canning Diva® Diane Devereaux, The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning delivers everything you need to confidently achieve pressure canning perfection. With The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning you will discover the ease of pressure canning, understand the science behind safe food preservation, and enjoy delicious recipes for stocking your kitchen and feeding your family.

In the pages of this all-in-one pressure canning roadmap you’ll find:

  • An overview of pressure canning basics that includes guidance for buying a pressure canner and pressure canning fundamentals
  • More than 80 pressure canning recipes for: stocks, broths, soups, and stews; meats including wild game and fish; meals-in-a-jar; tomatoes and vegetables; beans and legumes; and more
  • Pressure canning charts for safely canning vegetables and meats that include quantity, yield, jar size, processing time, and PSI gauge guidance
  • A “First Batches” Chapter that includes two practice recipes for those new to pressure canning

With The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning, readers of all skill levels will learn to successfully preserve and serve wholesome, nourishing foods that everyone will enjoy.

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Description of The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF

Everyone, whether child or adult craves for delicious food. This book The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF has all the indispensable information required to develop the skills or craft that makes the food you stir, melange and cook as delicious as it can get. It has all the ingredients explained by the author in perfect form to have you and your customers licking their fingers at the end of the meal. Beakfast, lunch or dinner. Everything is compiled in it. A must read if you love cooking or aspire to learn to make food that is as tasty as they get. Get it free here.

The Authors

The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF

My Story

I grew up in inner city Detroit, 6 Mile and Gratiot to be exact. I loved our neighborhood and the fact extended family was fairly near-by making holidays and birthdays a fun-filled occasion full of blonde-haired cousins flitting about! Both of my parents and grandparents grew up in Detroit giving our linage many decades of Motown flair.

When I was 13 we moved to northern Michigan in a small town called Branch. It was a place near and dear to my heart – an annual summer get-away to Grandma Newton’s house. Branch had a bar, general store, motel and a Pepsi station. With its one flashing yellow light, I often told people, “if you blink, you’ll miss it”. What this little town was known for however was its acres of forestry, beautiful trails, miles and miles of farmland and the most pristine river, the Pere Marquette.

We lived and worked on a hog farm while our home was being renovated. Here I learned more than a city girl from Detroit ever thought was capable! Thankfully I learned what hard work and reward was truly about. Gardening, tending animals, driving tractor, splitting wood and home canning and preserving. I didn’t realize it at the time but Ernie, who I often refer to as my stepdad, taught me valuable life lessons and survival techniques. My mother and he built within me a strong work ethic, integrity, morals and values.

When I finally had a home of my own the first thing I did was start a garden. If brought me back to when I was 13 and had started a garden of my very own. Because of the soil content I chose container gardening so I could maintain proper nutrients within the soil. Upon my first harvest I was experimenting with canning recipes and often stepped out-of-the-box from traditional tomatoes, jams and pickles.

Today, I am proudly referred to as a valid resource for all things canning and preserving and have donned myself, The Canning Diva®. I have taught over 100 classes throughout West Michigan, created YouTube canning tips, had two radio shows growing listeners to over 2 million annually and kept working towards my first published cookbook. I am beyond blessed. I am connecting with people on so many levels sharing what I love most and bringing back this lost art in an era when it’s needed most!

Why I Became The Canning Diva®

There is something wholesome and good about home canning and preserving. You know where your food comes from, you take pride and pleasure “putting up” delicious foods for yourself and your family to enjoy during later months – you may even partake in gift-giving and creative mason jar crafts all in the name of canning. But there is nothing worse than spending all of the time, money and effort of growing, shopping, cutting, chopping, preparing, cooking and processing home canned goods, only to have them go to waste on your pantry shelf.

When I was a new canner, I sought after many recipes that looked cool and exciting. I wasn’t afraid to use ingredients I hadn’t heard of before. If a friend raved about a new recipe, you better believe I was making a triple batch that weekend. Like many of us, I was just excited to do something good for my family however I struggled to find recipes showing me what to make with the home canned goods I had spent hours preserving.

In 2010, I started The Canning Diva® because I wanted to use the knowledge I had about canning, preserving and safe practices to help educate people on this time-honored craft and bridge the generational gap of those who never were taught the art of home canning. In doing so, I revamped family recipes and created new ones I knew my family and friends would love. My focus was to also create recipes demonstrating how to use home-canned good in practical meal creation.

Teaching people the fun art of water bath canning, demystifying and removing the fear associated with pressure canning and creating fun recipes has been my focus for the last eight years now. I am blessed to say that I chose to become The Canning Diva® at the most opportune time giving the state of our nation’s health, our loose food labeling laws and in an era where growing your own garden or joining a CSA is at its highest since the Great Depression.

I am proud to say I have joined together the best of both worlds – the traditional canning recipe with a meal creation focus. Knowing many of you struggled as I did with traditional canning cookbooks, Canning Full Circle: Garden to Jar to Table was born to encourage growing, preserving and eating.

What is Canning Full Circle: Garden to Jar to Table?

Canning Full Circle: Garden to Jar to Table breaks the mold of traditional canning cookbooks. Others fall short giving only the canning process, failing to demonstrate what to do with the food once it is in a jar. The Canning Diva® teaches readers how to incorporate home canned goods into their everyday lives. Better yet, readers are given practical and delicious recipes so they may use their home canned goods in meal creation.

This revolutionary cookbook will teach you how to have a well-rounded kitchen pantry throughout the entire year, not just during canning season! Not a home canner? No problem. Canning Full Circle includes recipes, tips and techniques every home cook will find valuable.

Chock full of tantalizing photos and over 100 different recipes, readers are inspired to share in this time-honored craft – creating and preserving meals your friends and family will love!

Dimensions and Characteristics of The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Rockridge Press (July 24, 2018)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 230 pages
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 1641520906
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1641520904
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.4 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 0.6 x 9.9 inches
  • Book Name : The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning PDF

Top reviews

Beth T “I bought this book because I enjoy water bath canning and wanted to try to preserve other items you can’t preserve with the water bath method. I made several recipes from this book and all turned out to be time-consuming and disappointing. We made the BBQ pork and BBQ baked beans. The BBQ sauce recipe required small amounts of over a dozen ingredients so it was expensive to assemble. The BBQ sauce tasted good before the canning so it might have a use outside of canning but it was so expensive to make for what it was, I wouldn’t do it again. During the canning process, the BBQ pork turned into inedible bricks and the BBQ beans were hard and inedible. We also tried the carrot soup recipe which resulted in a carrot paste. It was still too thick even after adding an extra quart of stock to thin it. Of course, you shouldn’t alter canning recipes as you don’t know how that will impact the safety in the canning process. Also, these recipes take hours. It can take an hour or more to make the recipe and then you still have to prepare jars and go through the canning process. For many pressure canners, you have to watch the gauge on the pot carefully so that it remains at the correct pressure. If the pressure is too low, you won’t kill bacteria. If the pressure gets too high, the pot can explode. So, part of the canning aspect in this book is standing over a pressure canner watching a gauge for often over an hour. Once you’ve invested 3 hours or more in the entire canning process, it’s very disappointing when you end up with expensive jars of food that are totally inedible.

It’s also really important to know that these recipes have not been tested for safety. This is not a pressure canning “bible.” I wouldn’t serve canned food from this book for this reason. If you need safe pressure canning recipes that have been extensively tested, you can download the USDA Pressure Canning Guide for free. That is the actual pressure canning bible. In the end, this book failed on every level. The pressure canning is not reliably safe and I’m not risking my family’s health. The stand alone recipes without canning also seem to be untested and all of the ones we tried needed adjustments. Don’t waste your money or take risks with this book.”

Dian “I started canning in 2010 when we moved from the big city to the country, where I could more easily obtain deals from local farms. I’ve done a lot of water canning and also some pressure canning (PC) meals.

I have a large collection of cookbooks and several canning books, but most don’t cover PC very well. They usually mostly focus on water canning jams and sauces. So I was hopeful when I saw this book and I haven’t been disappointed. Many of the recipes in here are things I make for meals on a regular basis…such French Onion Soup or Beef Stroganoff, as well as many other recipes that sound great. These are ‘real food’ recipes, not fluffy meals that call for ingredients you’ve never heard of.

Plus, the instructions and details about PC are very good. So anyone who has never tried PC can feel confident that this book will get them rolling. I even read some instructions included in the book that I’d never seen in other canning books, but which I’d only learned over time through membership in canning groups…such as not to keep the rings on your jars when storing them, or not to stack the jars…something I was doing my first year until I learned that not good to do (because you might not notice if a seal has broken).

This book has me excited about Pressure Canning again, since I’d lost interest due to having a hard time finding good recipes I actually wanted to make. Time to restock my jars and lids.”

Charles MacPherson “As I read the reviews of my fellow Canadians there is both love and real hate for this book! Myself I LOVE this book!

There are hundreds of books on canning, but they mostly focus on water bath canning and lets be honest, how many jars of strawberry jams, peaches in syrup or apple pie filling can you make and consume without the worry of diabetes, weight gain or overload on sugar to keep any dentist in business!!

This particular book on pressure canning is what I have been yearning for and I’ve finally found it. A book that allows me to truly preserve food for my family that we want to eat and in my circumstance all from a few organic farmers I buy from regularly. It’s truly a pleasure!!

I love this book, as do others and I hope you will consider it. I can something every week and my nose has been in this book since it arrived and the recipes appear to work for me (thus far!). Good luck. I hope you give it a try and like it as much as I do.”

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