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Run For Your Life PDF-With the weekend right around the corner, Homicide Detective Mitch Cannon is looking forward to Saturday night. It isn’t often he has a date, and this one will be particularly interesting. His new friend Liza is beautiful, edgy, outspoken, and somewhat odd.

But Mitch’s usual Friday-morning phone call to his mom sets the wheels in motion for five days of pure hell. Mitch’s sister, Marie, has gone missing without a trace. His date is canceled, and Mitch’s partner, Devon, and Liza also go missing the following night. The only clue is a call Mitch gets from someone whose number is blocked, the anonymous speaker saying, “Ticktock, ticktock.”

Mitch and the entire Habersham precinct set out on a white-knuckle search to find his sister, partner, and new friend before time runs out and all three are gone forever.

Mitch Cannon Savannah Heat Thriller Series books are listed in chronological order below
#1 Run For Your Life
#2 Fight For Your Life

Editorial Review
“Savannah Homicide Detective Mitch Cannon has a new lady friend, Liza, who walks on the wild side, but his concerns over her take a back seat when his sister Marie goes missing. The next day, his partner and Liza go missing as well, and all three disappearances are somehow linked to one of his past cases, but the police keep coming up empty when they try to find out how. The first installment in this new series is edgy, fast-paced, and often chilling. Sutter’s fans will eat it up.” Angela M., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

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For any enthusiast this book Run For Your Life PDF is one of the most renowned and lauded in the category where one finds mystery, thrill, and suspense. It is full of mind bending and blood speeding words and scenarios that will surely make you live life in another way. A must read at-least once a lifetime for anyone who comes across it and should partake it if it touches your soul. This books is just like your favorite movie. You can read again and again but it will not fail to entertain you anytime and anywhere. Read it now as words here will not do justice to this masterpiece itself.

The Writers

C.M. Sutter was born in San Jose, California and split time between the sunny California coast and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a senior in high school, she chose Wisconsin as her permanent address. After many years in the Badger State, she decided on a warmer year-round climate to call home and moved south.

Years of progression took her from working in large companies, to twelve years as a massage therapist, and finally, owning a corporation. She has been self-employed for over twenty years.

Ms. Sutter has been writing and self-publishing since 2014 with eleven titles published in a different genre. Because of her deep interest in crime and thriller novels, she took up writing in the police procedural/crime thriller genre in 2016.

Her flagship series focuses on the life of Sergeant Jade Monroe, a detective in the sheriff’s department of a fictitious Wisconsin town. Jade has more crimes to solve and murderers to apprehend than most detectives, but she’s a tough cop and gets the job done.

The books, listed in order, in the Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Series, are as follows: Maniacal-Book 1(FREE), Captive-Book 2, Fallacy-Book 3, Premonition-Book 4, and Exposed-Book 5.

Following on the heels of Exposed, is the second series in the Jade Monroe saga. The Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller Series begins with Snapped-Book 1(FREE), Justified-Book 2, Donors-Book 3, Leverage-Book 4, and Malice-Book 5.

The third series in the same Jade Monroe world, The Amber Monroe Crime Thriller Series, begins with Greed-Book 1(FREE), Avenged-Book 2, Vendetta-Book 3, Atrocity-Book 4, and Travesty-Book 5.

The fourth series in the Jade Monroe world focuses on psychic detective Kate Pierce and follows after Travesty-Book 5, in the Amber Monroe series. Books in The Psychic Detective Kate Pierce Crime Thriller Series include Retribution-Book 1(FREE), Imperious-Book 2, Deranged-Book 3, Beguiled-Book 4, and Diabolical-Book 5.

A recent series of ten books is about Jesse McCord, a seasoned Chicago detective that makes sure the bad guys are brought to justice. The Detective Jesse McCord Police Thriller series begins with Sniper’s Nest-Book 1(FREE), At Large-Book 2, Deadly Pursuit-Book 3, To Die For-Book 4, Booked for Murder-Book 5, End of the Line-Book 6, Deadly Deception-Book 7, Hard to Kill-Book 8, Final Shot-Book 9, and Identity Crisis-Book 10, available now.

By request, the ever-popular Jade Monroe has returned with a new FBI series. In the Live or Die Series, are Blood in the Bayou- Book 1(FREE), Blood Trail-Book 2, Blood Reckoning-Book 3, Blood Legacy-Book 4, and Blood Equity-Book 5.

Jade’s latest series introduces a new character, homicide detective Mitch Cannon from Savannah.

The Mitch Cannon Savannah Heat Thriller Series begins with Run For Your Life-Book 1 (FREE), Fight For Your Life-Book 2, Pray For Your Life-Book 3, and Beg For Your Life-Book 4. More books to follow soon.

Ms. Sutter is a world traveler, which has included hot-air ballooning across Tuscany. Her sense of wanderlust fits in well with creating locations for her books. When her schedule permits, she can be found on an airplane, likely writing and flying at the same time. She enjoys visiting relatives scattered across the USA and visits as often as possible. Gardening, bicycling, and creating art is high on her list of activities. When time allows, making hand-made soaps is one of her favorite pastimes.

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Reviews From Customers

Jwalch “Sutton is the queen of the police procedurals, with six distinctive series in print. Ms. Sutton is a very versatile fictioneer. Each of those series have their own unique characters, unique settings, unique tones, and unique voices. The one thing they all have in common is the adrenalin rush, the nonstop roller-coaster thrill ride they take the reader on. They are all page burners that keep the reader glued to the edge of their seats from the first page to the last page.

Run For Your Life kicks off with homicide detectives Mitch Cannon and his partner, Devon Rue, investigating two drive-by shootings that claimed the lives of six teenager but those two shootings soon take a backseat when, first his sister, and then his partner are kidnapped. The plot thickens, and the tension builds to a fever pitch as Mitch races against time to find them and rescue them before it’s too late to save them. Mitch realizes that it’s all about him and realizes that someone is out to hurt him through hurting those close to him. Run For Your Life becomes almost impossible to put down after Mitch receives a phone call from the perps. The caller said, “Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock,” and hung up.

The main plot of Run For Your Life is rife with red herrings and more twists and turns than a sidewinder leaves in its path across the desert sands. Why did the kidnappers kidnap Mitch’s sister and his partner? What did they have against Mitch Cannon? Will Mitch be able to figure this mystery out? Will he find them and rescue them before their time runs out? Well…you’ll have to read this spine-tingling tale to find out how this story ends. Trust me when I tell you that the ending packs more of a wallop, then a block of C-4.”

Glaing “I got through this by skim reading – but it’s really not a plausible storyline and the characters are not properly developed. If you haven’t read the book yet SPOILER ALERT

One thing that was annoying was how the family reacted whenever Mitch spoke to them. They had no empathy for him being tired /doing his job and were just firing questions at them in a way that made them seem unhinged.

This strange, aggressive portrayal got worse when the missing woman was found and she got angry quickly (with her brother) and didn’t want to co operate in a way that would try and help find the man that had helped her get away. Very unlikely.

The poor dog, Gus, was an annoyance too. I don’t know why authors of Cop books put in a dog that gets neglected. The poor animal saw him for about 10 minutes a day and then was left to fend for itself. Someone call animal abuse! Why write in a pet anyway – it played no real part and was just filler.

The other thing that I don’t think the author is great at is moving a plot along. In order to explain to us WHY Mitch was being targeted the 2 perps sat and basically explained to each other why they were doing what they were doing. Because that’s how normal people behave, isn’t it? I don’t understand why she didn’t just do the normal author trick of having them in custody, being interviewed, and the story comes out.

Afraid that I’m not a fan.”

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