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Essential for USMLE review and medical microbiology coursework! Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology PDF is a succinct, high-yield review of the medically important aspects of microbiology and immunology. It covers both the basic and clinical aspects of bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology, and immunology and also discusses important infectious diseases using an organ system approach. The book emphasizes the real-world clinical application of microbiology and immunology to infectious diseases and offers a unique mix of narrative text, color images, tables and figures, Q&A, and clinical cases.

Content valuable to any study objective or learning style:

  • 654 USMLE-style practice questions test your knowledge and understanding
  • 50 clinical cases illustrate the importance of basic science in clinical diagnosis
  • A complete USMLE-style practice exam consisting of 80 questions
  • Pearls for the USMLE impart important basic science information
  • Concise summaries of medically important microorganisms
  • Self-assessment questions with answers appear at the end of almost every chapter
  • Color images depict clinically important findings
  • Gram stains of bacteria, electron micrographs of viruses, and microscopic images depict fungi, protozoa, and worms
  • NINE NEW CHAPTERS on infectious diseases from an organ system perspective

Description of The Review Of Medical Microbiology And Immunology PDF 13th Edition

The Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology PDF 13th edition is one of the best review books for the USMLE and all other board exams. This book is used yearly by more than 50% of medical students worldwide for their professional year course studies and almost each and every one has been satisfied. It provides a very concise and brief review of all about microbiology and immunology and is recommended by every leading doctor.

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The Author

review-of-medical-microbiology-and-immunology-pdf-13th-editionWarren Levinson, MD, PhD (center) with Anthony DeFranco, PhD (left) and Department Chair Lewis Lanier, PhD (right) celebrate the naming of the Warren Levinson Microbiology Teaching Laboratory.

On April 25, the Department of Microbiology and Immunology held a ceremony and reception to thank Warren Levinson, MD, PhD, for his 49 years of exceptional teaching. In his honor, the new microbiology teaching labs in the Ambulatory Care Center building on Parnassus (400 Parnassus Avenue, room AC-34) will be named the “Warren E. Levinson Microbiology Teaching Laboratory.”

A recipient of over 25 teaching awards, Dr. Levinson joined the School of Medicine faculty in 1967. He is an active emeritus professor who continues to teach medical microbiology today with high evaluations from medical students. Dr. Levinson’s many UCSF medical school education honors include being an 18-time recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Award from the Graduating Class and a two-time recipient of the Most Inspirational Teacher Award from the Second Year Class. He is the author of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, which is currently in its 13th edition.

Dr. Levinson received an MD from University of Buffalo and a PhD from University of California, Berkeley and completed a post-doc at University College, London. In addition to his dedicated UCSF service, he served as a flight surgeon for the US Navy (1958-60) and was a Fulbright Scholar in India (1973-74) and a City Council member (1990-97) and mayor (1992-93) of Mill Valley, where he resides.

User Reviews

  1. This book has become my go-to source for microbiology topics. The information that is presented is high-yield and concise, and while it may not give the whole picture, it does provide you with what you need to know. I like this book because it tells me what I need to know without overwhelming me. If you are a medical student, this book makes a great resource for board review, however if you are a microbiology student you would likely find the information in this book a little lacking in depth.
  2. This is one of the few books I feel compelled to write a review about — it is incredibly well-written with a narrative that aids in both understanding of the material and memorization of it for the boards. The writing is clear, accessible, and concise — although there certainly is a bit of repetition of important concepts (which I personally find very helpful). One interesting aspect of this text is its linkage of boards material with current understanding of microbes and other current events. Discussion of recent outbreaks/epidemics, for example, made reading this text much more lively and explanations of difficult concepts are elucidated incredibly well. Hundreds of step 1-type questions follow at the end (multiple choice), as well as about 40 or so cases using buzz-words that are essential for boards (e.g. currant jelly, flask-like lesion, a rose-gardener with subcutaneous lesions, etc.). A fantastic book, highly recommended.

Table of Contents

Listed below are all the chapters and units of The Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology PDF 13th Edition Ebook.

Chapter 1: Bacteria Compared with Other Microorganisms
Chapter 2: Structure of Bacterial Cells
Chapter 3: Growth
Chapter 4: Genetics
Chapter 5: Classification of Medically Important Bacteria
Chapter 6: Normal Flora
Chapter 7: Pathogenesis
Chapter 8: Host Defenses
Chapter 9: Laboratory Diagnosis
Chapter 10: Antimicrobial Drugs: Mechanism of Action
Chapter 11: Antimicrobial Drugs: Resistance
Chapter 12: Bacterial Vaccines
Chapter 13: Sterilization & Disinfection
Chapter 14: Overview of the Major Pathogens & Introduction to Anaerobic Bacteria
Chapter 15: Gram-Positive Cocci
Chapter 16: Gram-Negative Cocci
Chapter 17: Gram-Positive Rods
Chapter 18: Gram-Negative Rods Related to the Enteric Tract
Chapter 19: Gram-Negative Rods Related to the Respiratory Tract
Chapter 20: Gram-Negative Rods Related to Animal Sources (Zoonotic Organisms)
Chapter 21: Mycobacteria
Chapter 22: Actinomycetes
Chapter 23: Mycoplasmas
Chapter 24: Spirochetes
Chapter 25: Chlamydiae
Chapter 26: Rickettsiae
Chapter 27: Minor Bacterial Pathogens
Part III: Basic Virology
Chapter 28: Structure
Chapter 29: Replication
Chapter 30: Genetics & Gene Therapy
Chapter 31: Classification of Medically Important Viruses
Chapter 32: Pathogenesis
Chapter 33: Host Defenses
Chapter 34: Laboratory Diagnosis
Chapter 35: Antiviral Drugs
Chapter 36: Viral Vaccines
Part IV: Clinical Virology
Chapter 37: DNA Enveloped Viruses
Chapter 38: DNA Nonenveloped Viruses
Chapter 39: RNA Enveloped Viruses
Chapter 40: RNA Nonenveloped Viruses
Chapter 41: Hepatitis Viruses
Chapter 42: Arboviruses
Chapter 43: Tumor Viruses
Chapter 44: Slow Viruses & Prions
Chapter 45: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Chapter 46: Minor Viral Pathogens
Chapter 47: Basic Mycology
Chapter 48: Cutaneous & Subcutaneous Mycoses
Chapter 49: Systemic Mycoses
Chapter 50: Opportunistic Mycoses
Part VI: Parasitology
Chapter 51: Intestinal & Urogenital Protozoa
Chapter 52: Blood & Tissue Protozoa
Chapter 53: Minor Protozoan Pathogens
Chapter 54: Cestodes
Chapter 55: Trematodes
Chapter 56: Nematodes
Chapter 57: Immunity
Chapter 58: Cellular Basis of the Immune Response
Chapter 59: Antibodies
Chapter 60: Humoral Immunity
Chapter 61: Cell-Mediated Immunity
Chapter 62: Major Histocompatibility Complex & Transplantation
Chapter 63: Complement
Chapter 64: Antigen–Antibody Reactions in the Laboratory
Chapter 65: Hypersensitivity (Allergy)
Chapter 66: Tolerance & Autoimmune Disease
Chapter 67: Tumor Immunity
Chapter 68: Immunodeficiency
Chapter 69: Ectoparasites That Cause Human Disease
Part IX: Brief Summaries of Medically Important Organisms
Part X: Clinical Cases
Part XI: Pearls for the USMLE
Part XII: USMLE (National Board) Practice Questions
Part XIII: USMLE (National Board) Practice Examination
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