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Piranesi’s house is no ordinary building: its rooms are infinite, its corridors endless, its walls are lined with thousands upon thousands of statues, each one different from all the others. Within the labyrinth of halls an ocean is imprisoned; waves thunder up staircases, rooms are flooded in an instant. But Piranesi is not afraid; he understands the tides as he understands the pattern of the labyrinth itself. He lives to explore the house. Piranesi PDF By Susanna Clarke

There is one other person in the house-a man called The Other, who visits Piranesi twice a week and asks for help with research into A Great and Secret Knowledge. But as Piranesi explores, evidence emerges of another person, and a terrible truth begins to unravel, revealing a world beyond the one Piranesi has always known.

For readers of Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane and fans of Madeline Miller’s CircePiranesi introduces an astonishing new world, an infinite labyrinth, full of startling images and surreal beauty, haunted by the tides and the clouds.

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Piranesi PDF By Susanna Clarke

Susanna Clarke’s debut novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell was first published in more than 34 countries and was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize and shortlisted for the Whitbread First Novel Award and the Guardian First Book Award. It won British Book Awards Newcomer of the Year, the Hugo Award and the World Fantasy Award in 2005. The Ladies of Grace Adieu, a collection of short stories, some set in the world of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, was published by Bloomsbury in 2006. Piranesi was a New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller, and shortlisted for the Costa Novel of the Year Award, the RSL Encore Award and the Women’s Prize for Fiction. Susanna Clarke lives in Derbyshire. –This text refers to the hardcover edition. Piranesi PDF By Susanna Clarke

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  • Publication date ‏ : ‎ September 15, 2020
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Top reviews

Aran Joseph CanesTop Contributor: Philosophy
A Modern Mystery about Antiquity
September 16, 2020

Piranesi begins with short, staccato speech. The narrator almost seems to be speaking pidgin English. If you haven’t read Susanna Clarke’s other works you might be forgiven for thinking you’re reading badly written prose. Piranesi PDF By Susanna Clarke

But then another character enters—the quasi-mythological “Other”. He seems quite able to communicate in a modern and realistic way. And, as the text unfolds, you realize that you are simultaneously reading a mystery about a twenty-first century disappearance and a meditation on the consciousness of ancient and modern humanity.

I won’t spoil the mystery, but Clarke’s choice to set into prose an understanding of the differences between antiquity and the modern world is ingenious. The statues, the ancestor worship, the diminution of personality and the exaltation of the symbolic—all of these and more are rendered from an effort at the ancient worldview.

As for the mystery, the reader is given enough clues before the final unveiling to keep it interesting. Even Piranesi as the narrator’s name is a hint: he was an Italian artist of the eighteenth century who created a series of depictions of imaginary labyrinths; exactly the type of world the narrator explores.

If you like mythology, mysteries and puzzles you are certain to like Piranesi. Those with a philosophical interest in how consciousness has varied throughout history will also want to read this book. Intellectual without losing the enjoyability of a good detective story! Highly recommended.
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Rennie Walker
Strange. Unique. Otherwordly. Captivating.
September 22, 2020

Firstly, this is a “strange” story. How strange? Hmm. Consider if H.P. Lovecraft had an imagination of massive goodness and gentleness to partner with his skill at grandeur. That strange. Or, if the lyrics to A Whiter Shade of Pale” were expanded into a cohesive, novel-length, narrative. That analogy too might work. Consider your own appetite for “strange” before you jump in to buy and begin. This story became truly entrancing for me.

A young man, Piranesi, (though that is not the name on his birth certificate, but a name given to him by the Other) lives in the House, a vast labyrinth of halls and corridors and staircases, filled with exquisite marble statues. Piranesi leads a simple life; he fishes, dries seaweed for soup and fuel, maps and memorizes the tides that at times course through the House, walks the halls in reverence, and keeps a journal, according to his own calendar, of what he observes and feels and comes to know. Twice a week, for one hour only, he has an appointment with the man known as the Other. The Other is always dressed smartly in suits and a tie. Piranesi is dressed in the rags that remain of the clothes he must have worn when he arrived at the House. Piranesi dresses his hair with seashells and seaweed. Piranesi does not know where the Other comes from or goes to outside these two weekly appointments, but believes, at least in the beginning, the Other to also live in the House.

Piranesi respects the Other but is also wary of him. For the Other warns that Piranesi will go mad or be in other dangers if he does not do what the Other wants. Piranesi researches, his memories and his journals and his thoughts, and reflects that maybe it is the Other who is mad, and not he.

And so … this simple life carries on … until there are messages left for Piranesi from an intruder, and signs of an intruder’s presence. The Other warns the young man that the new presence is a mortal danger to him.

Susanna Clarke’s storytelling language is stately, grand, as befitting the realm in which the story takes place. She uses a language full of descriptions of statues minutely observed, loved and adored. Piranesi speaks the same language, reverence at being in the presence of the magnificence of the House. The story unfolds. There is action. Twists and turns. Then dangers. But, who is the dangerous one for Piranesi; the Other, or, the intruder?

Returning to strangeness for a moment. By the end of the first few pages I was both bored and irritated. Thirty or forty pages further on I was captivated. This is NOT a “pulse-pounding page turner”! In fact, it is difficult even to ascribe a genre to it. Then, I reached a point I turned the pages as fast as I could (kindle “pages”). Hah! It is so refreshing to read something so different and that is so exquisitely plotted out and well written. And at the very last, after the final paragraph (which is resonant and glorious), I felt loss; for there is no more of this wonderful story to read.
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Richard Seltzer
Puzzled, but pleasantly so
September 15, 2020

Weird. I was tempted to read this because I loved her humorous and insightful dealings with magic in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. This is a short and confusing journey through a labyrinthine alternate world. The power of the prose and the clues that teasingly almost make sense of what is going on compelled me to keep reading even when I had no idea at all what was going on. Maybe someday the meaning of this story will suddenly dawn on me and I’ll think it is brilliant. For now I’m simply puzzled, but pleasantly so.

A. Joshua Sims
Can I get there by candle-light? Yes and back again
September 28, 2020

I just finished a wonderful book by Susanna Clarke, “Piranesi” named for Giovanni Battista’s “Piranesi and the Three-Dimensional Labyrinth”. The book is an allegory and a love-song to life. It begins with childhood and an open mind. By our twenties we start to search for answers. At mid-life, if we are lucky, we discover the beauty of the world again, and for some, try to rediscover ourselves. Often familiar with our earlier life, but often in awe of who we once were, as if who we were is some distant relative. Scattered through out the novel are reference points that guide the reader into our youngest selves. A statue of Mr. Tumnus, from the Chronicles of Narnia for example, with a finger to his lips, as if to ask us not to tell, or not to ask. But perhaps my favorite of all comes at the end. From an old childhood rhyme about magic places. In my nursery rhyme book there was an image of a child in robes, walking through the dark with nothing but a lantern to guide them. “ How many miles to Babylon? Threescore miles and ten. Can I get there by candle-light? Yes and back again.” Can I return to my childhood self? Yes and back again.


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