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Origin A Genetic History of the Americas PDF

Features of Origin A Genetic History of the Americas PDF

Origin A Genetic History of the Americas PDF-From celebrated anthropologist Jennifer Raff comes the untold story—and fascinating mystery—of how humans migrated to the Americas.

ORIGIN is the story of who the first peoples in the Americas were, how and why they made the crossing, how they dispersed south, and how they lived based on a new and powerful kind of evidence: their complete genomes. ORIGIN provides an overview of these new histories throughout North and South America, and a glimpse into how the tools of genetics reveal details about human history and evolution.

20,000 years ago, people crossed a great land bridge from Siberia into Western Alaska and then dispersed southward into what is now called the Americas. Until we venture out to other worlds, this remains the last time our species has populated an entirely new place, and this event has been a subject of deep fascination and controversy. No written records—and scant archaeological evidence—exist to tell us what happened or how it took place. Many different models have been proposed to explain how the Americas were peopled and what happened in the thousands of years that followed.  A study of both past and present, ORIGIN explores how genetics is currently being used to construct narratives that profoundly impact Indigenous peoples of the Americas. It serves as a primer for anyone interested in how genetics has become entangled with identity in the way that society addresses the question “Who is indigenous?”

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Description of Origin A Genetic History of the Americas PDF

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The Authors

Origin A Genetic History of the Americas PDF

Jennifer Anne Raff is an American geneticist who is an assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of Kansas. She specializes in anthropological genetics relating to the initial peopling of the Americas and subsequent prehistory of indigenous populations throughout North America.

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Twelve (February 8, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 368 pages
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 1538749718
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1538749715
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  • Book Name : Origin A Genetic History of the Americas PDF

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Top reviews

Steve G “I enjoyed this book. I liked how Dr. Raff put herself into the story, explaining the intricacies of working with Indigenous people and the challenges of working in an ancient-DNA lab, amongst a wide variety of other topics. I liked Raff’s enthusiasm and clear explanations of science. But the book is more than just science. It is history and ethics as well. I also feel that the book is important, that we should have a better understanding of the original inhabitants of North and South America. While Raff has certain interpretations of the information, I did not find her dogmatic. She presents both sides of an argument and uses data to support one side or the other. Overall, the book has a conversational, friendly tone and it was a pleasure to read. I recommend it for anyone interested in history and science. Thank you to Netgalley and Twelve Books for the advance reader copy.”
Todd “Lots of activism in the book. Definitely know the political bias of the author. It’s fine to write about activism but don’t necessarily title it as a science book. Much of the science in the book was historical and didn’t really offer new ideas – which is kind of the point of a new book. Author didn’t offer much definitively but indicated that there was much more to the story to come. I did like the ideas about how we can learn much about how people moved through the Americas by looking at dog genetics as humans and dogs have been tied together for thousands of years. It’s an interesting way to triangulate the data. I didn’t like author telling us to not project our biases into life, but she would develop these fanciful stories about how ancient people died. How would she every know the detail? Altogether too preachy for me.”
Ann Frances Ellis PhD “As a researcher trying to reconstruct Choctaw history, I appreciate what Ms. Raff has done here. The Choctaws say they came up from the south, inland, then headed east and crossed a great river, before their spirit guide said they had arrived at the place they belonged in what is now Mississippi. The coastal dispersion by the earliest peoples to the tip of Chile is consistent with the Choctaw narrative since the migration was not only north to south. Although genetics has not yet addressed the disappearance of the people of Chaco Canyon and Cahokia, both mentioned here, and both taking place around 1350, my hypothesis is that the Vikings brought the Black Plague to eastern Vinland (North America) around 1350 on their ships. Their extensive exploration south of their L’Anse aux Meadows settlement may have carried the plague, unintentionally, to the Native Americans already occupying the continent. Thank you, Ms. Raff for also addressing the concerns of the First Nations regarding research in an understanding way and for caring.”
WRWF “Jennifer Raff is a great communicator and brings us up to date on latest research and theories on peopling of the Americas. She writes in simple English, not scientific jargon so this book will reach a large audience. It’s wonderful to see how the advances in genetic research can be used to illuminate our prehistory. But it’s also unfortunate that past cultural prejudices and criminal treatment of indigenous peoples have made it difficult for modern geneticists to collect samples for their research. Jennifer Raff is one of the new breed of geneticists who respects native peoples and has learned to work with them so she can advance research into prehistoric migrations.
My only gripe is that I downloaded this book on my Kindle and was frustrated with its tiny photos and unreadable charts and diagrams. Then I downloaded it to my Mac laptop and it was possible to boost the size so I could understand the charts.
I feel like this book is a snapshot of current scientific knowledge. I am looking forwards to updates!
Go Jennifer!”
Kindle Customer “The pre-Columbian history of the Americas will greatly affect all of us in the coming years, as we – whatever our ethnic backgrounds – start to come to terms with the injustices and cruelty perpetrated upon the peoples of the First Nations, whether as a descendant of the perpetrators, the victims, or (most commonly, I expect), both. These people’s own stories start to tell that tale, but even oral history has its gaps and limits. Adding objective scientific evidence compliments those ancestral memories, and Raff has done a lovely job of explaining the state of the evidence today, and more importantly, of highlighting the scientific process itself, to make something of great complexity a little more understandable. Her honest recognition of where there may be gaps in the scientific investigation, and the leaps that were required to cross those gaps, is not a weakness in her arguments but a strength. She demonstrates the courage of a good scientist to work with what she has, but be willing – eager, in fact – for her conclusions to be challenged by new evidence and new interpretations.”
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Origin A Genetic History of the Americas PDF

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