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Charles Darwin’s seminal formulation of the theory of Evolution, On the Origin of Species continues to be as controversial today as when it was first published.On the Origin of Species PDF

Written for a general readership, On the Origin of Species sold out on the day of its publication and has remained in print ever since. Instantly and persistently controversial, the concept of natural selection transformed scientific analysis about all life on Earth. Before the Origin of Species, accepted thinking held that life was the static and perfect creation of God. By a single, systematic argument Darwin called this view into question. His ideas have affected public perception of everything from religion to economics. William Bynum’s introduction discusses Darwin’s life, the publication and reception of the themes of On the Origin of Species, and the subsequent development of its major themes. The new edition also includes brief biographies of some of the most important scientific thinkers leading up to and surrounding the Origin of Species, suggested further reading, notes and a chronology.

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On the Origin of Species PDF

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On the Origin of Species PDF

Charles Darwin, a Victorian scientist and naturalist, has become one of the most famous figures of science to date. Born in 1809 to an upper-middle-class medical family, he was destined for a career in either medicine or the Anglican Church. However, he never completed his medical education and his future changed entirely in 1831 when he joined HMS Beagle as a self-financing, independent naturalist. On returning to England in 1836 he began to write up his theories and observations which culminated in a series of books, most famously On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection in 1859, where he challenged and contradicted contemporary biological and religious beliefs with two decades worth of scientific investigation and theory. Darwin’s theory of natural selection is now the most widely accepted scientific model of how species evolve. He died in 1882 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Damien Hirst is an internationally renowned English artist, who has dominated the art scene in England since the 1990s. Known in particular for his series of works on death, Hirst here provides a contemporary, visual take on Darwin’s theory of evolution – the struggle between life and death in nature.

William Bynum is Professor Emeritus of the History of Medicine at University College, London, and was for many years Head of the Academic Unit of the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine. He edited the scholarly journal Medical History from 1980 to 2001, and his previous publications include Science and the Practice of Medicine in the Nineteenth CenturyThe Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine (co-edited with Roy Porter); The Oxford Dictionary of Scientific Quotations(with Roy Porter), The Dictionary of Medical Biography (with Helen Bynum), and History of Medicine: A Very Short Introduction. He lives in Suffolk.

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Top reviews

Jeffrey Van Wagoner
 I see why this is considered such a great book

October 18, 2017

I finally got around to reading this famous scientific work. I have to say that I’m impressed with his clarity, logic, and scientific ability. He’s blessed with a curiosity that is unbounded and the ability to test out all kinds of things using the scientific method.

It’s interesting how research worked back in the mid-19th century. He didn’t have Google and even if he did, most scientists back then hadn’t asked the questions he was asking. For example, he wondered how seed could be transported across oceans; he concocted experiments to see if seeds would float in the ocean for a long period of time and still germinate. He also wondered if mud on birds feet would contain seeds; so he captured some birds and checked out the mud on their feet. There are many other examples where he did this sort of thing.

He also structured this book to answer all of the possible criticisms to his theories and did a very good job. He effectively cited the work of other scientists. I found this book a joy to read and see how the mind of a great scientist works. It’s refreshing to see a scientist go against the consensus and powerfully support his radical new theory.

This book is highly recommended for everyone. It is eminently readable and convincing.

This book is controversial since there are many people that feel it is anti-God. I don’t think so; to me, it simply shows that God did not create each and every species from ‘nothing’. God is more like a farmer than a conjurer. I would think that the amazing versatility of life and its ability to adapt shows something that seems hard to imagine coming together by mere chance.

 A tough slog

July 12, 2019

Yes, a bit difficult to get through and this prevents my giving 5 stars. But this is because Darwin anticipates a backlash from the creationists of his day and is intent upon answering every possible objection that may raise, in great detail. However, it is always best to read the words of the original writer and not a summary, even one by a writer attuned to modern literary styles. The reader cannot fail to be impressed by Darwin’s command of contemporary studies in geology, botany, and zoology, and with his assiduous personal investigations including the careful experiments that he conducts.
This is all for 99 cents. This one may not be the best Kindle version; it includes no illustrations. Not sure about others; but although the illustrations would be nice I don’t think you’re going to miss them very much.
Brandy Cross
 A foundational influencing text

November 5, 2019

It’s easy to read this and judge it, both because the text is outdated, the science is outdated, the book is full of contraindications to counteract possible backlash and arguments, and is therefore no longer truly relevant or contextual in the modern sense. Yet, it is a classic work contributing to quite a bit of our modern understanding of evolution. It does, however, raise several points that require modern contention, such as our current understanding of the evolution of man, the undoubted falseness of one “race” of man being the more advanced in evolution, etc.

Nevertheless, it remains impossible to read this work without being impressed by Darwin’s knowledge of geology and botany, the extent of personal experimentation and study, and achieving all that he did through little more than scientific observation.

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