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My Own Country PDF:- The memoir and first book from the author of the beloved New York Times bestseller Cutting for Stone.Nestled in the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee, the town of Johnson City had always seemed exempt from the anxieties of modern American life. But when the local hospital treated its first AIDS patient, a crisis that had once seemed an “urban problem” had arrived in the town to stay.Working in Johnson City was Abraham Verghese, a young Indian doctor specializing in infectious diseases. Dr. Verghese became by necessity the local AIDS expert, soon besieged by a shocking number of male and female patients whose stories came to occupy his mind, and even take over his life. Verghese brought a singular perspective to Johnson City: as a doctor unique in his abilities; as an outsider who could talk to people suspicious of local practitioners; above all, as a writer of grace and compassion who saw that what was happening in this conservative community was both a medical and a spiritual emergency.Out of his experience comes a startling but ultimately uplifting portrait of the American heartland as it confronts—and surmounts—its deepest prejudices and fears.

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Originally published: 1994
Author: Abraham Verghese
Awards: Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men’s Biography/Autobiography

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my own country pdf

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my own country pdf

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The Authors

My Own Country pdf

Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP, is Professor and Linda R. Meier and Joan F. Lane Provostial Professor, and Vice Chair for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at the School of Medicine at Stanford University. He is also a best-selling author and a physician with a reputation for his focus on healing in an era where technology often overwhelms the human side of medicine. He received the Heinz Award in 2014 and was awarded the National Humanities Medal, presented by President Barack Obama, in 2015.

Born: May 30, 1955 (age 66) · Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Spouse: Sylvia Verghese
Education: Madras Medical College · University of Iowa · Madras

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Dimensions and Characters of My Own Country PDF

Pages: 352 pages
Publisher: Scribner
Year: 2016
Topic: Social Sciences
Subtopic: LGBT Studies

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Top reviews

 A moving autobiography

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 15, 2010

I read this book further to the brilliant Cutting the Stone and The Tennis Player. Mr Verghese is so open and truthful about his life as a doctor specialising in AIDS and HIV in America. It is obvious from his writing that he is openminded and has a genuine desire to help people and make people’s lives better. However I would say his fiction writing (Cutting the Stone) hits his message home more than non-fiction. That may say more about me as a reader than Mr Verghese as a writer though – the quality is excellent in both genres.
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Mrs. Tracy D. Saunders
 my own country

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 26, 2010

I love this book, Abraham Verghese is Honest, candid, (Even to the point of showing his own failings) and gives an amazing insight into the difficult world of the early years of HIV treatment in America seen from the viewpoint of a doctor that has made America his home,
even though it is Autobiographical it has the feeling of a novel, and you look forward to finding out what happens next. His descriptive writing is beautiful,If you enjoy watching ER you will enjoy this. I haven’t finished yet, and I don’t want to !


M. F. Lermitte
 How Dr. Verghese coped with Aids suffered in a small town in the US.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 9, 2014

I am a great fan of Abraham Verghese. I am waiting with bated breath for his new novel – written but not published yet.

My own country is about the emergence of AIDS in a small town in the US. Doctors originally thought it would stay in big cities like New York and Chicago. However, it eventually spread to the provinces and this is the true story of how Dr. Verghese coped with the victims and problems of HIV and full blown aids.

Anonymous Reviewer
 Five Stars

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 12, 2018

good condition

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 13, 2014

An amazing book. I could not put it down and have passed it on to my daughter who felt exactly the same. Highly recommended!
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