Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF Download Ebook

Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF

Features of Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF

Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF -As a working parent of four-year-old triplet daughters, I understand time management presents one of the greatest barriers to my pharmacology students’ success. Many students feel that cold sense of overwhelm and information overload.

This easy-to-listen guide organizes pharmacology into manageable, logical steps you can fit in short pockets of time. The proven system helps you memorize medications quickly and form immediate connections. With mnemonics from students and instructors, you’ll see how both sides approach learning.

After you’ve finished the 200 Top Drugs in this book, reading pharmacology exam questions will seem like reading plain English. You’ll have a new understanding of pharmacology to do better in class, clinical and your board exam. You’ll feel the confidence you’d hoped for as a future health professional. For patients and caregivers, this book provides a means to memorize your own medications to better communicate with your health providers.

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Description of Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF

Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF  is one of the best medical books for students and professionals on the subject of pharmacology. It is a must download.

The Authors

Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF

Tony Guerra, Pharm.D, originally from the Baltimore-Washington corridor, has combined creative writing work from with his knowledge of pharmacology to author the Audiobooks Memorizing Pharmacology: A Relaxed Approach, a guide to help students more easily learn drug names, Goodnight Pharmacology: 350 Brand and Generic Drug Names with Classifications and produced Pharmacotherapy: Improving Medical Education Through Clinical Pharmacy Pearls, Case Studies, and Common Sense.

Those are just three of the 14 books he’s either written and/or produced in four major categories, pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, career/residency/entrepreneurship, and professional school admissions and interviews.

He has taught college pharmacology and chemistry for 11 years. He lives in Ankeny, Iowa with his wife Mindy and triplet daughters Brielle, Rianne, and Teagan.

Dimensions and Characters of Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF

  • Listening Length 7 hours and 16 minutes
    Author Tony Guerra
    Narrator James Gillies Release Date May 18, 2016
    Publisher Tony Guerra
    Program Type Audiobook
    Version Unabridged
    Language English
    Identification Number B01FSR7XZO
  • Book Name  : Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF

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Top reviews

Alex Ung “Been working at CVS Pharmacy for 3 months now. I am looking to take the PTCE Exam in 5 months. I downloaded the Top 200 drugs from the net and start memorizing it. After 20 words….the material was getting harder to absorb. Yes, I was relying on pure memorization. According to Dr Guerra, this ain’t the correct approach.Then I came upon this book from Tony Guerra. Dr Guerra is right in that to memorize these 200 drug names, the data must be meaningful. The book has help tremendously. It approaches the study from a Physiology and Class point of view. I don’t now how others are benefiting from this book. I bought both the audio and the ebook on kindle. This way, I can pronounce the drug names and know how to spell both the generic and brand name.
The real question is why this book and not some other Top 200 drugs from the other authors. I have seen the other books at Barnes and Noble. The other authors throw everything at you. It assume you already know some pharmacology before starting learning pharmacology. This book is indeed a relaxed approach. This book is the front door to learning the Top 200 Drugs and it is written in a layman’s language in such a way that everyone can comprehend it. I highly recommend this book. A MUST HAVE BOOK FOR THE 1st YEAR PHARMACOLOGY STUDENT!!!!!

P.S. Just finished Chapter 1 and 2. Entering Chapter 3. The retention is going according to plan.
Alex Ung”

Amy B “This book makes memorizing drugs very easy by taking a system-by-system approach and providing the reader with memorization techniques for each drug. Guerra also has an elaborate understanding of the roots an stems of each drug class and how the drug names are created. The explanation of the origin of the drug names and the roots that they have in common have been very helpful to me when learning these drugs. With the help of Guerra’s books I was able to memorize 100 drugs in about 6 hours, which I would not have thought possible at the beginning of the semester.
Shar Marie “I bought this hoping to make memorization of drugs in my nursing class easier. The information at the beginning of the book, where the author explains where many drug names come from, was interesting. I thought the rest of the book would be, too, so I recommended it to fellow classmates. Now that I’m on my second set of drugs (GI drugs, now Neuro since that’s what we’re doing in class), I don’t think it’s really that helpful. Drugs have to be memorized. Hints help. But the hints given really aren’t that great, so you’re left just trying to memorize like you were before. I only spent about $10 on the Kindle version so it was not too great a loss, but I won’t be recommending the book to anyone else.”
Kacey “This book helps a lot with understanding how to categorize drugs in your mind to make memorizing them easier. The book made a lot more sense when paired with the author’s youtube videos. The explanations after each drug are like little hints on how to memorize the drug which is helpful, but can sometimes be confusing. This is not a book to read if you want to really understand the facts and background about a specific drug, but it was not written to be either. So can’t complain about that.”


Whitebrim24w “I liked the first few chapters. The introduction of the book have an INCREDIBLE acronym to remember the drug classes. I liked him pointing out stems because they are very helpful, BUT some of the hints and connections could’ve been better. Also, the book doesn’t help memorize the brand/generic name. It only helps remember what drugs go into which drug classes which could be done simply just from knowing your stems. So you’re right back at square one trying to remember the brsnd/generic name like you were in the first place.”
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Memorizing Pharmacology A Relaxed Approach PDF

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