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Lies My Govt Told Me PDF

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Lies My Govt Told Me PDF-With contributions from eminent doctors, scientists, and experts in their fields, Lies My Gov’t Told Me offers a comprehensive look at the coronavirus pandemic–where we are today, how we got here, and what’s on the horizon. Challenging the mainstream government-pharma-media narrative, the chapters in this book will not only outrage readers but will also inform and give readers hope.

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Lies My Govt Told Me PDF is one of the best-known books on the subject of basic medical sciences. This book covers all the cases and phenomenons a student and professional doctor might be up against in their whole life. Master this book and you will be of prime help in solving cases of diseases that are difficult to treat. Make a difference. Download Now.

The Authors

Lies My Govt Told Me PDF

Garrett Sutton has been practicing corporate law more than 35 years, assisting entrepreneurs and real estate investors around the world in protecting their assets and maximizing financial goals through his companies Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center.

Garrett, a highly sought after guest speaker, serves as a member of the elite group of “Rich Dad Advisors” for bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki. Garrett has authored several successful books for business owners, including “Start Your Own Corporation,” “Run Your Own Corporation,” “Writing Winning Business Plans” and “Loopholes of Real Estate.” These books are part of the bestselling Rich Dad, Poor Dad wealth-building book series.

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Top reviews

Anita Lock “A Toxic Client is a person that sets you back in a significant way. More than a mere nuisance, they are a distinct detriment to you, your team and your company’s morale.” Over the course of twelve chapters, nationally acclaimed corporate attorney and asset protection expert Garrett Sutton supplies readers with detailed examples using cases. These cases via personal and shared stories coming from all forms of business—small to corporate, to help identify and avoid the ubiquitous Toxic Client. A pertinent how-to read, Sutton’s latest tackles all the toxic personalities—”from the entitled and narcissist to the bully and manipulator.”

Sutton presents the perfect guide for those in the business arena. While targeting business owners, his narrative also meets the needs of employees who are most often toxic clients’ first contact. Sutton’s relaxed writing style is inviting and warm, resembling a fireside chat. In addition, Sutton provides an attractive layout of chapter topics that include quote openers, instructions, cases, and lessons. Chapter topics either feature a skill business people need to attain when addressing toxic clients, or a list of common personality toxic client traits. Instructions cover chapter topics and vary in length. The best and bulkiest portion of the chapters is the cases, which keep to a storytelling format. These cases reflect human-interest tales—stories from individuals who come from the school of hard knocks. And to make sure his readers retain highlights from the cases, Sutton punctuates his chapters with catchy maxim-like lessons.

High on the chart of skill levels is active listening. Sutton opens his first chapter on this vital topic, which sets the tone for Sutton’s book. A capsule summary of this vital topic is captured in lesson #1, “if you listen well, the Toxic Client will tell you everything you need to know.” After covering cases focused on a personal trainer and a CPA, Sutton provides four essential points, which he constantly incorporates throughout the remaining cases:

1. Listen to what is said.
2. Interpret what is said.
3. Evaluate what is said.
4. Respond to what is said.

Beyond active listening skills, Sutton covers topics such as anger, lying, instincts, mental health, drugs and alcohol, freeloaders, and entitlement—just to name a few. Sutton addresses subject matter that is often uncomfortable to face, but because of toxic client’s colorful array of attitudes, the best advice is to be aware of the signs so as not to be duped. And what better way to identify those signs than to examine work situations. Sutton’s case collection covers sixteen scenarios that display the many facets of business life. Good examples include stories on dermatologists, a financial planner, a landscaper, a tourist shop owner, and a graphic designer.

Bringing his well-rounded book to a satisfying close, Sutton takes into account significant and handy resources for his business-minded readers. Placing them into three convenient appendices, appendix A covers Mechanics’ Liens, which is intended for contractors and tradesmen, appendix B explains small claims court, and appendix C deals with collection agencies.

Offering common themes set to human-interest stories, Toxic Client is insightful and highly educational, and has wide audience appeal.

Originally from Hollywood Book Reviews
Anita Lock, Book Reviewer”

Gillian Pemberton “With Toxic Client, Sutton delivers a straightforward, well-organized, and practical approach to dealing with the difficult people that any entrepreneur will encounter while doing business, whatever the industry.

Perhaps the most valuable piece of information to take away from this book is simple, but rarely followed. Every business will encounter toxic clients, and these frustrating individuals take up a large amount of time and resources. These resources are much better spent on good clients that are easy to work with and actually provide profit for the business. However, many business owners, especially small business owners and single-proprietorship business owners lack the skills to eliminate these toxic clients from their daily lives. In truth, they are unavoidable, but Sutton teaches anyone how to identify and reduce the amount of toxic clients in business. If you look just a little deeper, much of his advice could apply to toxic people in your life in general.

From the introduction (Who is a Toxic Client?) on, Sutton shares his uncomplicated and no-nonsense approach to identifying and dealing with toxic clients. As a small business owner myself, I was interested and a little intimidated to read a book about business. I assumed it would be full of “business-speak” that went over my head and did not mesh with my casual way of running my own business. However, the language was easy to understand and even when I was introduced to topics that were new to my own business knowledge, like dealing with non-payers and small claims court, I was able to take away plenty of valuable, useful information.

In addition to the practical information in identifying and dealing with several different kinds of toxic clients that can negatively affect your business, one of the strongest elements of the book is the easy to follow chapter organization. The first several, clearly labeled chapters deal with the different types of toxicity, like freeloaders, lying, angry clients, and even mentally ill clients, and how to identify them. First, the author offers a clear explanation of the type of toxic client and what makes them that way. Many of the chapters feature a concise “Lesson” in bold. All of this is in the abstract, so to clarify, each chapter has one or more “Cases”; real life experiences with actual toxic clients. The author has dealt with all of these toxic clients so that you, the reader, don’t have to. These “Cases” tie together all of the advice and provide practical application and understanding.

The final chapters address in detail tactics for dealing with toxic clients that do enter your life, right down to dismissing them. Finally, the author offers appendices for procedures such as filing liens, navigating small claims court, and using collection agencies. My only criticism regarding the otherwise easy to navigate chapter organization is that the Table of Contents lists only the chapter numbers. It would be easier to flip to the appropriate section if the chapters were labeled by name, as well.

As a whole, Garret Sutton’s Toxic Client: Knowing and Avoiding the Problem Customer is a valuable resource for anyone who deals with clients on a daily basis, whether in large or small business.”

Suzanne Gattis “If we stop to think about it, we all know those people that in one way or another are difficult to work with: never satisfied, always looking for a way out of their responsibilities, and with impossible demands. In Toxic Client: Knowing and Avoiding Problem Customers, Garrett Sutton introduces us into their world. He is able to give sound business advice while still being an entertaining read. Mostly, this is done by telling personalized stories to demonstrate his concepts and drive home the points. I could find myself identifying with the experience of the individuals in the book, as only the lucky few have never had difficult customers to deal with. After all, the 80/20 rule does apply in most situations. I only wish that I had those times I had his tips and advice to help navigate my way.

In the first chapters, Sutton gently introduces us to the customers he is referring to and helps us recognize those “types.” While he sprinkles advice throughout the end, his final chapters resonate with valuable tips and tricks of the trade. I like that the book helps develops the confidence and skills to identify these types of customers up front, and hopefully avoid a lot of heartache in the end. I also enjoyed the fact that, while it is obvious the writer is very knowledgeable in this area, he acknowledges that he too has at times made decisions against his gut that ended up being the case of a difficult customer. Any business book that knows that there is always room for personal experiences and growth I find to be more realistic.

If you ever find yourself dealing with customers in your life or business, as most of us do, this is a must for your library.”


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Lies My Govt Told Me PDF

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