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History of Australia PDF-Did you know that Australia was once thought of as an undesirable place to live?

Long before Australia started to be considered one of the best places in the world to live, it was thought to be completely unlivable. In the 15th century, the European race to claim land began. Despite the fact that Australia was a large landmass, no nation believed it was worth colonizing. The land was claimed by the Netherlands. However, little exploration happened there.

Many countries actually believed it to be uninhabitable. However, the Aboriginal populations had already been thriving on the land for millennia. This allowed the Australian Aborigines the opportunity to truly develop their unique and complex cultures and systems. Nearly one hundred years after the Dutch-named the landmass New Holland, James Cook, a British captain, charted the eastern coast. He suggested it should be revisited.

Interest in Australia was timed perfectly with the independence of the United States, which forced England to search out new territories to create penal colonies since their own prisons were overrun. For decades, Australia’s European inhabitants were mostly convicts. Eventually, these convicts would be emancipated, and other Europeans headed to the country. Australia was explored, and fertile land was discovered.

From this point on, colonization sped up exponentially. Mass immigration took place, as did conflicts with the Aboriginal populations. Since Australia was so isolated from England, it developed its own unique culture, as all colonies do, and it gradually pushed toward independence.

In this book, you will learn about:
Where Australia’s first people came from
The diet, lifestyles, and beliefs of Australia’s Aborigines
How the first European contact with the Aboriginals actually went
The exciting discoveries of the British voyages to Australia
How well did the Aborigines and the European settlers get along?
All the political, social, and judiciary developments in the settlements
The Australian gold rushes and how they impacted the region and beyond
Australia’s development into a unique nation, one separate from England
How big of a role did Australia play during World War I and World War II?
What is Australia up to today?

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History of Australia PDF

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Top reviews

JJares “This book was a great review of things our family learned while traveling to the Outback years ago. This story tells of the impressive travels of James Cook and other explorers. In addition, this book reveals how Tasmania got its name. Most fascinating, however, was the earliest history of Australia (or ‘New Holland,’ an earlier name). Because most modern Australians live along the coastlines, there is much open terrain that scientists can study for clues about the past. Those excavations will yield much about this landmass because little of it has been explored extensively.

Americans tend to forget that Britain used the Americas as a penal colony, a place to send unwanted prisoners. After the Revolutionary War, it was no longer available, and Great Britain sent the prisoners from their overflowing jails to New South Wales. The tragedy is that Great Britain sent convicts so far for tiny infractions, like stealing bread to avoid starvation.

After reading about all the explorers and settlement planners, it is easy to understand how places and water bodies got their names. This book shared one interesting fact after another, like, it wasn’t until 1948 that Australians were considered Australian citizens and not British citizens. Another fascinating factoid: Non-white male and female citizens did not get the vote until 1962.

This book is well worth the reader’s time. It is a concise history of a fascinating place.”

Michael States “Captivating History provides a three-hour read on the history of Australia. I did not know much about Australia other than it was a nation created out of the colonial expansion from Europe, particularly Great Britain. It too, like many other colonies, substituted its new residents as the predominant culture over the aboriginal culture which existed for many years before.

Australia is a unique land, and the European interest was spiked by the writings of a pirate who wrote about some of the most dangerous waters in the world. Britain used Australia as a major penal colony which grew to six colonies made up of mostly freed convicts and free people. People strayed from their British roots and formed their own culture which was impacted by their own local gold rush.

The isolation of Australia is reflected in the uniqueness of its ecosystem, its culture and history. Captivating History shares information about the Aboriginal lifestyles, systems and beliefs which includes the Aboriginal creation myths.

Unfortunately, most of the text is devoted to the period following 1788 when the first settlements from Great Britain were established. There is an extensive bibliography provided which opens the door for further reading.”

F. R. Isom “I am impressed by this book and the presentation of Australia’s history. Before this I was not aware of the similarities and differences between the history of Australia and the United States. It is literally the land down under. Our summer is their winter and visa versa. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is well written and well researched. The following are some of the things I was interested in and found very interesting. What was the religion and culture of the aboriginies before the coming of the European settlers like? What are the living conditions in Australia? How did the European settlers treat the aboriginies? What were the first colonial settlements like? How did the first governors treat the people? Why? What happened when the crown sent judges to oversee law in the colony? When and how did locals gain the right of self government? How did the discovery of gold affect Australia? What part did Australia play in the world wars and politics after? What is the relationship between the United State and Australia today? This book is very enlightening. One thing I found not so interesting was the long list of governors which I will never remember but the style of government and the reforms they enacted I will.”


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