Guarded Ground A Becky & Flynn WWI Mystery PDF Download Free

Guarded Ground A Becky & Flynn WWI Mystery PDF

Attributes of Guarded Ground A Becky & Flynn WWI Mystery PDF

Guarded Ground A Becky & Flynn WWI Mystery PDF-Two favorite characters, Two hearts to guard. One deadly traitor to unmask.

The Western Front, 1915. It’s been twenty years since Becky and Flynn first met, in the adventures recorded in the Sherlock and Lucy Mystery Series. Now they’re fighting for England in the Great War. But they still have an incomparable ally in the great detective himself.

Becky is now a surgeon at a French field hospital near the western front. When a badly wounded man gazes up at her from his stretcher, Becky’s heart races as she recognizes her former partner in investigation. Flynn is now a major, and barely conscious, but he’s just as gritty and stubborn as he was when Becky knew him as one of Mr. Holmes’s Irregulars. Becky must save him and then protect his wounds as he recovers. With Flynn, of course, quiet convalescence is not in the program. Especially when Mr. Holmes appears to ask for their help catching a German spy, and the bombs begin to drop.

A fast-paced and thrilling Sherlockian spin-off, with unexpected twists and turns, two strong and memorable heroes, and a touch of romance. Guarded Ground stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series, while introducing more intriguing relationship dynamics.

The first installment in an exciting new series. Get it today!

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Illustrations of Guarded Ground A Becky & Flynn WWI Mystery PDF

For any enthusiast this book Guarded Ground A Becky & Flynn WWI Mystery PDF is one of the most renowned and lauded in the category where one finds mystery, thrill, and suspense. It is full of mind bending and blood speeding words and scenarios that will surely make you live life in another way. A must read at-least once a lifetime for anyone who comes across it and should partake it if it touches your soul. This books is just like your favorite movie. You can read again and again but it will not fail to entertain you anytime and anywhere. Read it now as words here will not do justice to this masterpiece itself.

The Writers

The daughter of two English literature PhDs, Anna Elliott grew up in Connecticut in a house filled with books. She is a longtime devotee of historical fantasy and fell especially in love with Arthurian legend and Celtic history while at university. Anna now lives in the Washington, DC, Metro area with her husband and two daughters. She likes historical fantasy, Jane Austen, British TV, Castle, Firefly, The Big Bang Theory, sewing, and rainbows and unicorns, especially those drawn by her daughters. Mosquitos love her.

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Reviews From Customers

JMAP “…mediocre plot. The reason I say this is while the Kaiser’s agents and their nefarious actions have popped up in the previous Lucy & Sherlock books, to use the Great War (WW1) as the backdrop now for additional espionage involving Flynn and Becky is “jumping the shark and nuking the fridge”. Come up with another thought.

Yes, the Great War was truly horrific and the most devastating event in the 20th Century [WW2 would never have happened but for WW1]. But a different storyline involving espionage could have been developed (i.e. British taping the undersea cables between Europe and America-Room 40; Vatican diplomatic interactions, etc).

No real backstory as to how Becky became a surgeon, just a passing reference. And how did Flynn, an uneducated guttersnip of a street urchin, ever become a MAJOR in the British Army with the King’s Commission? Even with the Sherlock & Mycroft Holmes’ connections with the British Govt, that would NEVER have happened!! At best he would have risen to the rank of Sergeant due to the tremendous losses by 1915. Officers came from the aristocratic class, not from the lowest of the low.

Do better research if you are going to continue the Great War scenario: lord knows, there’s a plethora of British literature and information on it. And yes, I know what I’m talking about; my degree in History specialized in that Era.”

J.A “Of course Becky and Flynn had to grow up – they couldn’t remain teenagers forever but their transformation is both dramatic and pleasing – you Becky with Dr. Watson’s encouragement had completed medical school, graduating at the head of her class and fully qualified as a surgeon. Flynn has also matured…rising to the rank of major in her majesty’s army. Both young people have answered the call to arms of the Great War and unexpectedly find themselves in the same field hospital in France. Becky is working 36 hour shifts as a skilled surgeon valiantly saving young men injured in the trenches just a few miles away. One night she spots a familiar face when a transport of newly injured men arrive…Flynn has been severely wounded while rescuing one of his men from certain death in the no man’s land between the trenches. Becky works for 12 hours to stop the internal bleeding and remove the shrapnel embedded all thru his body. As he begins to recover he and Becky receive a visit from their old mentor Sherlock Holmes. I won’t give away any spoilers but Mr. Holmes confirm their suspicions that there are German spies at work in the hospital. The excitement grows as Becky and Flynn work to identify the culprits and begin to grapple with the very adult feelings their partnership triggers. I think my fellow Sherlock fans will thoroughly enjoy their progress…highly recommended.”

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