Essentials in Community Health Nursing Practice PDF Free Download

Essentials in Community Health Nursing Practice PDF

Features of Essentials in Community Health Nursing Practice PDF

This book in a very unique manner laying great deal of emphasis on the practical application most vitally needed in nursing and medical professions. Thus, this book is relevant in purpose, scope and scale. It definitely places itself in a category of its own unlike the usual textbooks on Community Health Nursing. This book is concise text with profound and appropriate emphasis on practical orientation and help in the day-to-day practice of the students in community health nursing. The contents succinctly cover latest concepts, data and figures on topics vital to students, educators and practitioners. It definitely provides an insight and better understanding of almost all the vital areas in community health, viz community organization, community diagnosis, expanded health programs, special programs and schemes in maternal and child health, job responsibilities of various health functionaries right from trained birth attendants to even doctors, practical nutrition, procedures used in community health nursing, formats used in the field of community health, etc. This book basically written for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students definitely has an easy reading and should invariably provide a much favored document for not only courses in nursing but also in Medicine, Community Health including Nutrition, Social Sciences and Health Management. Essentials in Community Health Nursing Practice PDF

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Description of Essentials in Community Health Nursing Practice PDF

For students of all the branches of medicine and surgery and health professionals that aspire to be greater and better at their procedures and medications. A renowned book by those who have read it and learnt from it. Many have already ordered it and is on the way to their home. Whether you work in the USA, Canada, UK or anywhere around the world. If you are working as a health professional then this is a must read..  The most reviewed on book Essentials in Community Health Nursing Practice PDF is available for grabs now here on our website free. Whatever books, mainly textbooks we have in professional courses specially Medicine and surgery is a compendium in itself so understand one book you need to refer another 2-10 books. Beside this there are various other text material which needs to be mastered!! Only reference books are partially read but all other books have to be read, commanded and in fact read multiple times.

Dimensions and Characteristics of Essentials in Community Health Nursing Practice PDF Essentials in Community Health Nursing Practice PDF

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Jpb; 2nd Revised edition (January 1, 2011)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 9350255146
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9350255148
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Top reviews

Bree’s drawn back into her past
September 23, 2021

This was a really great addition to this series – I’d rate it 4.5. When two bodies are found in a shallow grave at her childhood house where her parents’ murder-suicide occurred, the past comes knocking for our favourite Sheriff. Remembering how violent and cruel her father could be, Bree’s left wondering if he could have been involved or responsible for the thirty year old cold case, or is something (or someone) more sinister at play? As memories she thought were long buried start resurfacing, Bree is forced to face her past and reconcile it with her future.

While the murder wasn’t overly graphic, I found the case held my attention for the entire book. There wasn’t a huge pool of suspects so the who dunnit wasn’t exactly groundbreaking (and a couple of the suspects just seemed to disappear and be non-issues as you didn’t hear about them again), but the lead up to finding out had just the right amount of suspense and action to keep me turning the pages. I found it was more luck that seemed to solve the case in this one, but like I said, it was still entertaining. There’s the usual goings-on with Bree trying to manage her sheriff responsibilities with next to no funding and having to juggle the desire to micro-manage and be involved in every aspect of of her county’s station with the dreaded politics and diplomacy that comes with the job. Her family unit in the form of Dana, Adam, Luke and Kayla helped to keep Bree human and this side of her is drawn out a bit more in Book 4. I especially liked her connection to her brother in this story.

While the romance side of things continues to lean on the slow burn side of things, her relationship with Matt finally takes a jump in the right direction. Speaking of Matt, I love his character and he didn’t disappoint in this book. Hopefully the big steps taken sparsely in this story will continue to be built on in Book 5. Right Behind Her, like the others in this series, is an easy read without there being too many complicated plot threads or details. The case is accompanied by a good smattering of other issues such as the continuing legacy of the former corrupt sheriff and Bree struggling with raising her niece and nephew that the plot stays mostly realistic. Quick note, if you haven’t read the other books in this series you can get away with starting here, but I’d recommend starting from the beginning, particularly since this novel has a big focus on her childhood, particularly her father. Ghosts from the past crop up building a bigger picture of what kind of man her dad was and the people he was involved with.

There was a tiny bit of repetition, e.g. how strong Bree is as a person, problems at the station with the same old guard police officers that seem to continue to get second chances, but it wasn’t tedious, nor did it distract from the overall plot (although I’ll be interested to know if any of the issues with officers crop up in future books). A couple of aspects of the plot were pretty predictable and while this might annoy some readers, fans of the series should be fine with it because these books fall into more of the ‘easy read’ mystery/crime trope that they should be used to if they’ve come this far with the author. There’s a quick crossover to the Morgan Dane series when Lincoln Sharp has a brief cameo when they’re looking into the cold case of the two missing victims. Alas, there was no Lance or Morgan. Maybe next time 🙂

Overall, this ended up being one of my favourite books so far in this series because we got to see a more human side of Bree that managed to balance really well with her on the job and taking on the challenge of the cold case. There were threats to her family, prominent citizens throwing their weight around
and blocking her attempts at progress and danger just around the corner. The author used the investigation to build on Bree’s character as she was forced to delve into her family’s violent past to solve a double murder and tie up a couple of cases that were decades old. I’m already looking forward to the next book. And more Matt lol.
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L. B. Taylor
Another Great Story In This Series
September 20, 2021

I have to be truthful. I want to read the 5th and 6th stories in the Bree Taggert series now.

Bree’s childhood horror story comes to a head with Right Behind Her. This is not a standalone book so if you are new to the series, start at the beginning with Cross Her Heart. And please bear with me with all my tags; sometimes I get carried away.

Her fairly new job as sheriff had highs and lows. Oscar was still around performing a second rate job. Politics were her enemy. And 2 murders dislodged her early years as a child.

Evil was on the cusp of her current family and her long-ago past. I understood her hesitancy; thankfully, she had Matt Flynn by her side to support her. I was even happy to read how dedicated her deputies were to her.

She navigated her role as new mother to her niece, Kayla, and nephew, Luke. She found strength in numbers with Matt, Dana, Nolan and, yes, even Brody.

I found the story was fast-paced and I finished it within 2 days. Now, I just need to wait.
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Pretty good with some mess ups
September 29, 2021

I was really enjoying this book and would have given it 5 stars, but there were some moments that jarred me out of being able to believe the story.

It’s a tiny, tiny police force in a very tiny town.

Yet… the 2 main cops in the story have both shot people, one of them multiple people. Both had been shot on duty and even the dog had been shot.
Good grief.
What really made it unbelievable is that, almost as an afterthought, the author mentions one of these cops having been shot 2 months ago, right in the middle of another scene near the end. It was a ridiculous thing to do, didn’t move the story forward, and distracted me because…WHAT?! THIS WAS A COP WHO WAS TRAUMATIZED BY A SHOOTING IN HER CHILDHOOD, YET HAD NO ISSUES WITH HAVING BEEN SHOT A MERE 2 MONTHS BEFORE? I felt angry at the author for being so careless with her character development.

There’s a scene where they search a house where the cop had had childhood trauma. No problem.
Later, she has to go back in, looking for a vicious killer, and she can’t focus… even though her life was in danger… because she’s thinking of the past.
Thay doesn’t happen neurological. When we know someone’s trying to kill us, we don’t drift away from that issue.
We become hyper focused. We wouldn’t have survived as a species if we drifted off while being actively hunter.

So there were quite a few big mistakes like this, all close to the last 1/5 of the book.

To me, that points to laziness in editing, or editing fatigue.

That’s why with this kind of book, an author cannot cut corners. Some authors chart everything they’ve mentioned so they don’t forget things about the plot and characters, and they have people go through carefully, looking for problems.

Editing fatigue happens, but there’s no excuse for it. It can cause the reader to exit the story and see the author behind it, struggling with her craft or showing ignorance.

Editors are supposed to find that stuff.
To me, it ruins the book if I have to stop suspending belief and look hard at the mistake, the sloppiness, consider the author at all. As a reader, I want to be fully immersed in and believing in the story.
I’m so disappointed when the author screws that experience up for me.
I hope she improves. I would hate to read another of her books, get that far in, and be jolted into seeing the problems of craft.
It happened to me in a Patterson book where a little girl had a dog that went through everything with her, then the author simply forgot all about the dog and never mentioned him again.

That’s sloppy writing and sloppy editing.
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A really great series.
September 15, 2021

The descriptive writing is excellent. In each successive book you learn more about the many layered characters. This story deals with a cold case that impacts the present in a big way. Suspenseful and full of twists, I couldn’t put it down.

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