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  • How to Analyze The Rhythm & Rate
  • Sinoatrial (SA) Node Arrhythmias
  • Atrioventricular (AV) Node Arrhythmias
  • Atrial Arrhythmias
  • Junctional Arrhythmias
  • Ventricular Arrhythmias
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EKG Interpretation PDF is one of the best medical books for students and for emergency medical doctors . It is a must download.

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EKG Interpretation PDF

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Top reviews

S. Daniel “This is an easy to read book. I bought the Kindle edition to study for my exam. There is not a lot of detail in it but it does get the job done; especially for those of us who need to study for exams and understand the difference between one type of arrhythmia and the next. My only problem with this book is that there are enough word errors (using about instead of above) that it makes reading the text a bit distracting. Some of the sentences are awkward and contain unnecessary words. Despite these problems, it is still a quick and easy to understand guide on EKG interpretation”
Christine Richardson “A great source of information. This eBook is well-written, informative and easy to read. It’s a perfect tool we can use in reviewing the Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG) as we prepare for our big day. This eBook will teach you and provide you an in-depth explanation on how to understand the difficult details and components found in ECG tests which can give a better understanding of the inner workings of the human heart. You will learn and understand what an ECG tracing denotes and be able to understand the core concept of ECG. A detailed information about the different types of heart rhythms and how they would appear in an ECG tracing are included in this eBook. Chase Hassen did an amazing job in writing this eBook because many future nurses will benefit from this eBook. Highly recommended for all nursing students!!!”
Denniger Bolton “This book on how to pass the NCLEX nursing test in both English and Spanish, promises that if you read this book, you’ll pass the test. While I’m not going to take this test, I have someone very close to me who is going to take the National Council Licensure Examination. All nurses in the US and Canada must take this test before becoming an LPN or and RN . The questions are mostly multiple choice, which includes questions like this one, “The client has been diagnosed with acute pyelonephritis. How do you explain this to the client?” There are 105 questions like this one and this book explains that section of the test having to do with EKG.”

Mandrake “This was a book club choice, and one of the best that we have read in recent years. I would recommend it to everyone, but particularly those with strong and confirmed moral or political convictions. It will change your views about religion and politics, and hopefully make you more tolerant of other peoples perspectives. Here are my notes:

Haidt: The Righteous Mind
This was one of our best recent book club choices. It was well written, clear and thought provoking. The main point of the book to me was to demonstrate that morality has a social purpose, as the foundation on which social capital is constructed. What matters is that people share the same moral values, not whether those values are “right or wrong”. It has changed my thinking, and I have bought copies for friends of mine to see if it can also change theirs.


The book is divided into sections:
• Section 1: Intuitions come first, strategic reasoning second
The central metaphor is that the mind is like a rider on an elephant, whose job is to serve the elephant without much control of where the elephant is going. Traditionally Western philosophy separated the body and the mind, with the mind being the “ghost in the machine”, but according to Haidt the two are intimately connected. In fact morality is rooted in emotion and not in reason. We act first (the elephant moves), and justify our actions later (the rider).

• Section 2: There’s more to morality than harm and fairness
The central metaphor is like a tongue with six taste receptors. Morality has evolved to bind social groups together. Haidt identifies 6 different moral foundations, each of which has a role to play in addressing specific human behaviours:
Care/Harm: evolved for the protection and care of vulnerable offspring
Fairness/Cheating: evolved to encourage sharing and punish cheating
Loyalty/Betrayal: evolved to bind people together in social groups and to punish defectors
Authority/Subversion: evolved to bind people within a hierarchical social structure within the group
Sanctity/Degradation: evolved to protect health by avoiding unsafe foods and encouraging hygienic practises
Liberty/Oppression: evolved to balance the personal freedom and group loyalty

• Section 3: Morality binds and blinds
The central metaphor we are 90 percent bee and 10 percent chimp. We naturally tend to aggregate into large social groups bound by shared morals. In this context religion should not be seen as a parasitic meme, but as a social tool that binds people together into a cohesive and effective unit. Further, our political inclinations are a function of our individual sensitivities to each of the 6 moral foundations. Socialists are primarily driven by Care/Harm considerations for “social justice” and equality of outcomes. Conservatives are more concerned with maintaining social capital in an imperfect world where people cheat and exploit the system. Neither has a monopoly on righteousness, and each has their place in maintaining a balanced society.

I thought that this was an excellent book, grounded in science, which succeeds in its main argument that morality is an evolutionary adaptation whose purpose is to behind social groups together. I also very much enjoyed the description of how the field of moral psychology has developed over time. I have only a few points to discuss:

1. Religion as a meme
Haidt argues that the new Atheists are wrong in characterising Religion as a pernicious meme, and that instead it has a social purpose in binding people together into a cohesive whole. I think he overstates his case, and that his argument is not incompatible with that of the new atheists (Dawkins, Hitchens etc). Although the set of religions as a whole may well have a social purpose (religion has spontaneously evolved too often for it not to have some use), each individual religion can also be regarded as a meme that exploits humanity’s social needs to propagate itself. Thus when Haidt states that religions change over time to fit the needs of a changing society, the New Atheists would argue that the meme mutates and evolves with its host to ensure its continued propagation. It is merely a question of perspective.

2. Moral foundations of political views
Although, the conclusion of Haidt’s discussion of the moral foundations for Conservative and Liberal viewpoints is a refreshing call for tolerance, I thought that this was the weakest part of the book. His claim that political beliefs can be traced back to differing sensitivities to the 6 moral foundations mentioned above was justified by social surveys in which people were asked their political orientation and then asked to answer moral questionnaires. Conservatives and Liberals were then found to have different reactions to questions that targeted particular moral foundations. Correlation is not necessarily causation I thought that some of the graphs showed relatively weak relationships. In order for Haidt to be right the questions must be formulated so that the subject interprets them in the way intended, and that each question must target the intended moral foundation correctly. There is significant room for error and ambiguity there. His results seemed strong enough to draw general but not specific conclusions from.

3. I have an old friend whose politics are different from mine (he is a lifelong Socialist), so I bought him a copy of the book in the hope that it would provide some perspective and allow us to better understand each other’s viewpoints. As I handed it over he took one look and said “Not bloody Haidt, I hated that book.” We continue to avoid discussing politics. I am pessimistic that Haidt’s call for political toleration will be heeded.

I thought that this was a terrific book, and one of the best we have read in a while.”

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EKG Interpretation PDF

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