Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine PDF Download Free

Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine PDF

Attributes of Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine PDF

Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine PDF Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine: Foundations and Implementation offers overviews, methods and strategies for translating genomic medicine to clinical practice. The book’s authors explore incorporating pharmacogenetics into electronic health records, CDS methods and infrastructure for delivery, economic evaluation, the hospital administrations’ role and needs in integration, and patient counseling aspects. The book empowers clinicians, researchers, translational scientists, and data and IT experts to effectively navigate the complex landscape of CDS for pharmacogenomic precision medicine. Illustrative case studies of existing gene networks include CSER, eMERGE, the IGNITE network, DIGITIZE, the CDS Learning Network (RTI), ClinGen, Ubiquitous and CDS Hooks.

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Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine PDF

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Biochemistry has for long been utilized to accelerate the review cycle of different areas of science and medication. The branch of science investigates the substance processes inside and connected with living life things. It is a research facility-based science that involves both biology and chemistry. By utilizing substance information and procedures, organic chemists can comprehend and take care of natural issues. Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine PDF is one of the most well-known books for the subject and a should peruse.

Contents of the Textbook

  • Title page
  • Table of Contents
  • Copyright
  • Contributors
  • About the editors
  • Section One. Foundations of clinical decision support and pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Chapter One. Overview of effective pharmacogenomic clinical decision support
  • Introduction
  • Pharmacogenomics and precision medicine
  • Potential benefits of CDS
  • Role of CDS in pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Developing and implementing CDS for pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Other considerations for pharmacogenomic CDS
  • Overview of this book
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Two. Scientific evidence and sources of knowledge for pharmacogenomics
  • Introduction
  • Sources of scientific evidence of pharmacogenomic associations
  • Sources of pharmacogenomic knowledge
  • Pharmacogene variation consortium
  • Pharmacogenomics knowledgebase
  • PharmGKB annotations
  • PharmGKB levels of evidence
  • PharmGKB pathways
  • Very important pharmacogene summaries
  • Drug label annotations
  • Pharmacogenomic guideline annotations
  • Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group of the Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (KNMP)
  • Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium
  • Allele definition table
  • Allele functionality table
  • Diplotype–phenotype table
  • Allele frequency table
  • Pre- and post-test alerts
  • PharmCAT
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Three. Laboratory considerations for pharmacogenomic testing
  • Introduction
  • Clinical laboratory regulation
  • Genetic terminology and nomenclature
  • Determining genes and variants to test
  • Obtaining, tracking, and assessing DNA quality of samples
  • Testing platforms
  • Copy number assessment
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Four. Advancing equity in the promise of pharmacogenomics
  • Introduction
  • Pharmacogenomic CDS to advance healthcare equity
  • Potential for pharmacogenomics to increase healthcare disparities
  • Maximizing benefit and minimizing harm with pharmacogenomic CDS
  • Conclusion
  • Section Two. Developing and building clinical decision support for pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Chapter Five. Clinical decision support methods and infrastructure
  • Introduction
  • Modes of information delivery in CDS
  • Vendor-specific electronic health record systems CDS capabilities
  • Third-party clinical decision support systems and application programming interfaces
  • Storage and access of genomic data
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Six. The role of machine learning to predict treatment response and target drug therapies
  • Introduction
  • P4 medicine and deep phenotyping to target drug therapies
  • Machine learning to identify groups and predict treatment response
  • Data preparation and data to inform clinical decision support
  • Validation and evaluation of machine learning–driven CDS
  • Explanation and interpretation of machine learning–driven CDS
  • Implementation and dissemination of machine learning–driven CDS
  • Polygenic risk profiling
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Seven. Usability and human-centered design
  • Introduction
  • Why is pharmacogenomics usability hard?
  • Evaluation
  • Human-centered design in pharmacogenomics: selected examples
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Eight. Clinical considerations for precision medicine clinical decision support
  • Introduction
  • CDS design: the five rights
  • Implementing and maintaining manually developed rules
  • Predictive algorithms in pharmacogenomics
  • Clinical considerations for healthcare disparities
  • Conclusion
  • Section Three. Adoption and delivery of clinical decision support for pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Chapter Nine. Patient-facing clinical decision support for pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Introduction
  • Foundational concepts of patient clinical decision support for pharmacogenomics
  • Regulatory issues surrounding patient-facing CDS for pharmacogenomics
  • Current landscape of patient-facing clinical decision support for pharmacogenomics
  • Opportunities and challenges with patient-facing CDS
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Ten. Role of the genetic counselor in pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Introduction
  • Genetic counseling in pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Genetic counselor practices and training
  • Patient counseling considerations and challenges for pharmacogenomic precision medicine
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Eleven. A learning health system approach to delivery and adoption of clinical decision support
  • Introduction
  • Operationalizing the LHS approach
  • Requirements of the LHS approach
  • Delivery and adoption of CDS
  • The LHS approach to pharmacogenomics CDS in action: a hypothetical case study of Stellar Health
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter Twelve. Integration of clinical decision support infrastructure and translating into real-world applications
  • Introduction
  • Challenges with documenting test results in the electronic health record (EHR)
  • Applying pharmacogenomic test results throughout a patient’s lifetime
  • Conclusion

The Writers

Beth Devine - School of Pharmacy

Beth Devine is Research Assistant Professor in The Comparative Health Outcomes, Policy and Economics (CHOICE) Institute; Formerly Pharmaceutical, Outcomes Research and Policy Program (PORPP), Department of Pharmacy, University of Washington, USA.

Proportions of Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine PDF

  • No. of pages: 296
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 2022
  • Published: June 14, 2022
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook International Standard Book Number: 9780128244548
  • Paperback International Standard Book Number: 9780128244531

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