Classification Chart of Dental Hard and Soft Tissue Diseases By Maria Mali PDF Free Download

Classification Chart of Dental Hard and Soft Tissue Diseases By Maria Mali PDF

Features of Classification Chart of Dental Hard and Soft Tissue Diseases By Maria Mali PDF

Maria Mali | BDS, C-Ortho
Author has done her bachelors in dental surgery (BDS) from Fatima Jinnah Dental College Karachi. She did C-Ortho from Sir Classification Chart of Dental Hard and Soft Tissue Diseases By Maria Mali PDF
Syed Medical College for Women.
This chart highlights all craniofacial anomalies, also abnormalities with the origin and other pathological lesions associated with
the oral cavity. The idea of compiling this chart is to help all undergraduate students in their university exams.

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Description of Classification Chart of Dental Hard and Soft Tissue Diseases By Maria Mali PDF

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