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Brain on Fire My Month of Madness PDF

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A gripping memoir and medical suspense story about a young New York Post reporter’s struggle with a rare and terrifying disease, opening anew window into the fascinating world of brain science.Brain on Fire My Month of Madness PDF

One day in 2009, twenty-four-year-old Susannah Cahalan woke up alone in a strange hospital room, strapped to her bed, under guard, and unable to move or speak. A wristband marked her as a “flight risk,” and her medical records—chronicling a month-long hospital stay of which she had no memory at all—showed hallucinations, violence, and dangerous instability. Only weeks earlier, Susannah had been on the threshold of a new, adult life: a healthy, ambitious college grad a few months into her first serious relationship and a promising career as a cub reporter at a major New York newspaper. Who was the stranger who had taken over her body? What was happening to her mind?

In this swift and breathtaking narrative, Susannah tells the astonishing true story of her inexplicable descent into madness and the brilliant, lifesaving diagnosis that nearly didn’t happen. A team of doctors would spend a month—and more than a million dollars—trying desperately to pin down a medical explanation for what had gone wrong. Meanwhile, as the days passed and her family, boyfriend, and friends helplessly stood watch by her bed, she began to move inexorably through psychosis into catatonia and, ultimately, toward death. Yet even as this period nearly tore her family apart, it offered an extraordinary testament to their faith in Susannah and their refusal to let her go.

Then, at the last minute, celebrated neurologist Souhel Najjar joined her team and, with the help of a lucky, ingenious test, saved her life. He recognized the symptoms of a newly discovered autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks the brain, a disease now thought to be tied to both schizophrenia and autism, and perhaps the root of “demonic possessions” throughout history.

Far more than simply a riveting read and a crackling medical mystery, Brain on Fire is the powerful account of one woman’s struggle to recapture her identity and to rediscover herself among the fragments left behind. Using all her considerable journalistic skills, and building from hospital records and surveillance video, interviews with family and friends, and excerpts from the deeply moving journal her father kept during her illness, Susannah pieces together the story of her “lost month” to write an unforgettable memoir about memory and identity, faith and love. It is an important, profoundly compelling tale of survival and perseverance that is destined to become a classic.

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For students of all the branches of medicine and surgery and health professionals that aspire to be greater and better at their procedures and medications. A renowned book by those who have read it and learnt from it. Many have already ordered it and is on the way to their home. Whether you work in the USA, Canada, UK or anywhere around the world. If you are working as a health professional then this is a must read..  The most reviewed on book Brain on Fire My Month of Madness PDF is available for grabs now here on our website free. Whatever books, mainly textbooks we have in professional courses specially Medicine and surgery is a compendium in itself so understand one book you need to refer another 2-10 books. Beside this there are various other text material which needs to be mastered!! Only reference books are partially read but all other books have to be read, commanded and in fact read multiple times.

The Writers

Susannah Cahalan is the New York Times bestselling author of “Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness,” a memoir about her struggle with a rare autoimmune disease of the brain. She writes for the New York Post. Her work has also been featured in the New York Times, Scientific American Magazine, Glamour, Psychology Today, and others.

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Free Press; 1st edition (November 13, 2012)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 288 pages
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 145162137X
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1451621372
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.05 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 1 x 9 inches

Reviews From Customers

This book lead to my sons diagnoisis
April 15, 2017

I will be forever grateful to Susannah Cahalan for writing this book. It was brought to my attention by a friend and reading it was what lead us to a diagnosis of Autoimmune Encephalitis for my son. This neurological disease has only been identified in the past twelve years and is not widely understood. It is often misdiagnosed as mental illness due to the neuro-psychotic nature of some of the symptoms. The six months proceeding my son’s diagnosis were their own kind of hell, and I am not being mellow dramatic when I say that in writing this book, Susannah gave my son his life back. Without it I have no doubt that he would have been institutionalized.

If you have any interest in the brain, medicine, or just enjoy a good medical drama please read this book. Not only is it a gripping medical story, but it raises awareness of an obscure and difficult to diagnose neurological disease. We need all the help we can get to raise awareness of Autoimmune Encephalitis and reading this book is a great place to start. Thank you from the mother of an Autoimmune Encephalitis warrior

Kindle Customer
Eye opening
January 2, 2017

I work in the field of mental health with individuals who suffer with persistent metal illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar and major depression. This book has me questioning so much, and thinking about clients who should have been tested for auto immune disorders. I’m questioning everything. I work as a care manager and one of my main goals is to facilitate communicating among providers…psychiatrists, primary care doctors, neurologists, etc. Since reading this, I have placed an even higher value on that role. Susannah’s story taught me how vital it is to not take things at face value and to encourage discussion among professionals caring for someone in the throes of a severe illness.

Mary Alice Baumgardner-author/illustrator
“Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness” should be …
May 4, 2017

“Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness” should be required reading for everyone in the health care profession- especially neurologists. This past April, 2017, my 18 year old granddaughter, Alysa, after having had seizures, spent 2 weeks in the hospital; MRI’s, CT-scans, EEGs and blood work came back normal. Slowly, she became unable to read, to eat, to speak. Slowly, she “descended into madness”, becoming violent and hallucinating. In the very beginning of her illness, my daughter-in-law, Gretchen, through research, texted me to have the doctors consider “anti-NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis”. At the same time, my sister-in-law, Downey, wrote to tell me of this book. Nope. None of the doctors at the first hospital had a clue about it. On April 14th, Alysa was transported to Chapel Hill, NC Neuroscience Hospital. (I requested the information about the anti NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis be forwarded with her records) One month before Alysa’s illness, a young woman was the first to be diagnosed with this disease at Chapel Hill. Working with The Mayo Clinic, doctors at CH acquired an infusion- which almost immediately reversed Alysa’s psychotic symptoms! She is still recovering and will need more infusions and therapy. Susannah’s book has not only given us insight into what was a horrific nightmare for our family, it has also validated getting a second (third or fourth) opinion when a patient’s condition is not improving. Thank you, Susannah! I hope you have made a complete recovery by now.

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