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BASICS Urologie 5th Edition PDF

Attributes of BASICS Urologie 5th Edition PDF

Good – Better – BASICS Urology provides the perfect overview of the entire spectrum of urology. ▪ GOOD: comprehensive insight – from the basics of development, structure and function of the male sex to diagnostics and therapy to the most important clinical pictures. ▪ BETTER: case studies for a better understanding of the connections and preparation for the next exam: All important IMPP content is included! ▪ BASIC : fast access guaranteed: a clear double page for each topic, many illustrations and the popular summaryNEW:Examination-relevant topics in urology have been added (Fournier’s gangrene and urethral valves). The (sub-)chapters on tumor therapy have been updated to reflect the rapid advances in this field! BASICS Urologie 5th Edition PDF

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Illustrations of BASICS Urologie 5th Edition PDF

Case Studies for medical students and clinical professionals for a better understanding of the connections and preparation for the exam. BASICS Urologie 5th Edition pdf is the latest in its release and is a trademark of Elsevier. Examination-relevant topics in urology have been carefully added by selected global experts, practicing physicians and educators.

Contents of the Textbook

main title
Table of Contents
List of abbreviations
general part
1. The development of the male sex
testicular development
Male Genital Tracts
external genitals
developmental anomalies
2. Structure and function of the male sex
Testicles, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles
penis, urethra
diagnostics and therapy
3. Urological anamnesis and examination methods
Urological History
Physical examination
Bacteriological and clinical-chemical investigations
Imaging examination methods
4. Urological therapy
Drug therapies
Minimally invasive therapies
Incisions in urological operations
special part
5. Kidney abnormalities
Numerical anomalies
Size abnormalities (kidney hypoplasia)
Position anomalies (kidney dystopia)
shape abnormalities
Cystic renal abnormalities
6. Ureteral abnormalities
Numerical anomalies
Abnormalities due to obstruction and reflux
muzzle anomalies
7. Testicular abnormalities
development of the testicle
Consequences of testicular malposition
8. Phimosis and paraphimosis
Disorders of urination
9. Renal insufficiency
10. Neurogenic bladder emptying disorders
11. Urolithiasis
12. The benign prostatic hyperplasia
13. Urinary incontinence
14. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
15. Cystitis
16. Pyelonephritis and renal abscess
Die Pyelonephritis
The kidney abscess
17. Prostatitis
18. Epididymitis
19. Orchitis and Fournier’s gangrene
20. Hodentorsion
Hematuria Painless / Painful
21. Kidney injuries
mechanisms of injury
22. Bladder injuries
23. Kidney tumors
Benign kidney tumors
Malignant Kidney Tumors
24. Renal pelvis and ureter tumors
25. The urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder
26. Prostate carcinoma
Other male tumors
27. Head tumors
28. Hydrozele
29. Penistumoren
adrenal gland
30. Conn- und Cushing-Syndrom
Primary hyperaldosteronism (Conn syndrome)
Cushing’s Syndrome (Hypercortisolism)
Venereal infections
31. Venereal diseases
Herpes genitalis infection
Slow (syphilis, hard bones)
Gonorrhö (Tripper)
Ulcus molle (soft chancre, chancroid)
Condylomata acuminata (genital warts)
Inguinal Lymphogranuloma (Lymphogranuloma Venerum, Lymphopathia venerea)
Gender-specific urological diseases
32. Fertility disorders
Vasectomy / Vasovasostomy
33. Erectile dysfunction
34. Diseases of the corpora cavernosa
Plastic Penis Hardening (Peyronie’s Disease)
Penile fracture or rupture
35. Urology during pregnancy
physical changes
Urinary tract infections during pregnancy
36. Urogynecological surgical complications
Typical complications
Urogynecological interventions for incontinence
special topics
37. Psychosomatic urological clinical pictures
Psychosomatisches Urogenitalsyndrom
Female Urethral Syndrome
Psychogenic urinary behavior
Psychogenic Incontinence
Secondary enuresis
38. Reiter’s disease
39. Urosepsis
40. Urogenitaltuberkulose
41. Bilharziasis
case studies
42. Case 1: testicular pain
43. Case 2: flank pain
44. Case 3: Hematuria
45. Tables and bibliography
46. Register

The Writers

BASICS Urologie 5th Edition PDF

Christoph Hammes

BASICS Urologie 5th Edition PDF

Elmer Heinrich

Tobias Lingenfelder

Proportions of BASICS Urologie 5th Edition PDF

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    Published: May 11, 2022
    Imprint: Urban & Fischer

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