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From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nina Levine comes a standalone, opposites attract, billionaire romance.Ashton Scott A Standalone Opposites Attract Billionaire Romance PDF

Ashton Scott is not my type.
He’s arrogant and presumptuous, and way too bossy for me.
The man is persistent, though. Nothing stops him when he decides he wants something, and he’s decided he wants to buy my building.
He’s also decided he wants me.
And like I said, when Ashton Scott wants something, nothing stops him.
He’s sexy AF.
He wears a suit like nobody’s business.
And his bossiness turns me on in ways I can’t understand.
But I’m not going down without a fight.
Or at least, I wasn’t.
It turns out my fight is what Ashton loves the most.

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Description of Ashton Scott A Standalone Opposites Attract Billionaire Romance PDF

Every individual must read Ashton Scott A Standalone Opposites Attract Billionaire Romance PDF atleast once in their life as this book has the qualities to cheer up any mood that is causing tension or anxiety in your life. It will balance you in ways unimaginable as it has all the essentials of a good entertainment and humor book just like some of the worlds most leading novels that just compliment the mind with knowledge alongside comfort and relaxation. No matter what profession you belong to and no matter what sort of life you live on a daily basis. This book is a must read for everyone of everyage at anytime they can find for it.

The Authors

Ashton Scott A Standalone Opposites Attract Billionaire Romance PDF

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USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine is an Australian author who loves to write protective heroes, sassy heroines, and lots of banter & heat.

When she isn’t creating with words, she’s busy being a pilates goddess. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.

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Top reviews

 Mixed feelings after a rocky start

February 7, 2022

This is the first book in the series, however I actually read Beckett’s book 1st (which I adored) then went back to start from the beginning. To be honest had I read this book first I’m not certain that I would’ve continued with the series. I actually may not have even pushed myself to finish the book, although by the time I did finish it I will say I enjoyed it and a, glad I finished it.

The first part of the book was pretty rough for me. There was definitely a lot of hot and cold and the characters did not sell themselves to me. I adore a good alpha-hole, or an enemies to lovers, or a got off on the wrong foot to lovers. But when a woman says NO, says “please leave” repeatedly, and the guy refuses and says “too bad. I want you and I always get what I want” that’s not ok. Particularly in today’s climate of #MeToo. It’s not a guy saying he’s going to pursue her and change her mind, this was someone saying “I don’t respect that I’m in your space while you’re actually telling me no while physically pushing me away”. She was clearly stating her position, saying NO, and he could not care less. Do better. No means NO.

And then the dreadful “my body betrayed me” line 🙄🙄. So this jerk comes in throwing his arrogance around demanding you sell a property you own that is not for sale that means something to you on an emotional level, angers you and insults you and refuses to leave when you have told him to leave, yet somehow your body has betrayed you and just demands attraction to him? 🤮 I loathe that particular line in any book. It’s lazy writing in my opinion. It’s one thing to be physically attracted to someone you don’t seem to like, or to even be turned on by the verbal sparring, that’s different, but to insinuate that you have zero control whatsoever over your body even in a situation where someone is forcing themselves upon you? Come on. Ugh.

Anyway, moving on. So much hot and cold with these two, it made it hard to really become invested in their relationship. Honestly it wasn’t until the second half of the book that I really even felt anything about it and things felt better.

The second book in the series is Jack’s book, however a good half of this book is spent on Jack and his situation. I understand it was setting up the timeline and history for his story, but he really took up a lot of this book. I like Jack, but it was still a lot of focus on him. I will be reading his book because I can’t wait to see his comeback. I adore his troubled broken self. I only hope she makes him grovel on his knees over some hot coals for all he’s put her through!

So there ya go- mixed opinions. I absolutely loved the third book in the series, so keep that in mind if you’re struggling at the beginning of this book I need something to help you push through.

Ria – Reading Is Our Satisfaction
 An arrogant a$$h*le that you just gotta love

September 26, 2018

I originally read the first eighteen chapters of this book through Nina’s newsletter, but when I discovered she was going to publish it, I stopped reading and waited for the book to be released. Why oh why did I wait???? Nina Levine written a character who is definitely an a$$h*le – but boy you really gotta love this man. Ashton Scott, ladies remember that name, because I’m telling you now, once you’ve met him you’ll never forget him.

Just ask Ashton, he is the best at everything and at the top of his game, he’s arrogant, self-opinionated and the hottest man around – he has no problems in letting you know. He is definitely one, steaming hot, gorgeous hunk of alpha and all the ladies want him. He is also CEO of his own company and ruthless in obtaining whatever he wants. At this moment he wants what Lorelei Winters owns – he wants her property. Oh and he wants her too!!!

From the moment these two meet, the sparks fly and you simply cannot deny the chemistry between them. Yes there are some extremely volatile and tumultuous incidents between them, but there are also soft, tender and loving moments between them. Lorelei brings out a side of Ashton that he didn’t believe existed. Miscommunication between them can sometimes be their biggest downfall, but the hot, steamy scenes between them are second to none. Nina certainly knows how to get her readers hot and heavy – she’s an expert when writing those little bits. WOW!!!

Like her biker men, Ashton is not a fool to be reckoned with, he is strong, tough and VERY dominant. when he decides that he wants and loves a woman he goes all they way – there is no second guessing with him. I loved Lorelei, this woman is no easy push over – she knows how to stand her ground against this man, she knows what battles are worth fighting for.

This book is an absolute must read. It is yet another brilliant story from the mind of an amazing woman. Open the book and allow it to transport you to Ashton’s world. Have a few fantasies about this amazing man. I can tell you now … you definitely will not be disappointed.

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